Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Father's Day

We had a fantastic Father's Day this year! Usually I'm so busy with, well everything (June is a crazy month for us with birthdays, anniversaries and usually at least one graduation and/or wedding) that I forget about Father's Day until right before. Which, of course usually means that all my fabulous gift ideas don't get finished (or even started!) and I'm left with the standard of buying something, or giving hubby a gift card.

This year I was determined to actually get what I wanted done (despite being in the middle of planning my sister's graduation/18th birthday party). My hubby works so hard for us every day and really is the most incredible dad, ever, that he deserves the very best!

Let me just get off an a tangent here to tell you why we love him so, so much... This is the guy who doesn't hesitate to grab the (pink and flowery) diaper bag to go change a kid while we're at the store. Nobody asks him and he never complains. And, when the second kid needs to go to the bathroom three minutes later, he's off again. He comes home from a full day of work and takes the kids out for a bike ride or a walk or to the playground, and then after dinner gets down on the floor (bad back, and all) to wrestle and tickle until it's time to go upstairs for a bath, which he gives. He gets bedtime snacks, reads to one of the kids and then does it all again the next day.
He kisses owies, helps dig for worms in the garden, fixes bikes, picks flowers, goes down the slide, blows bubbles...
And, something I think is most important of all; he's also not afraid to gives kisses, hugs and snuggles. Because they have a daddy who is strong enough to know when his kids needs a kiss, anytime or anywhere, I have two of the most affectionate kids a parent could ask for.

For all those reason, and so, so many more we love him to the moon and back! And, that is why we decided he needed some extra-special Father's Day treatment!

We started the morning off by getting him one of his favorite breakfasts; the McGriddle from McDonalds. Now, I know you're saying, that's not very special...not even making the guy breakfast! But, I don't do breakfast, that's actually his area of expertise. And, he really does love the McGriddle, so it was a win-win. ;o)

After we served him breakfast, we presented him with his gifts...

I found this idea online and knew immediately I would do it for him for Father's Day (most of you know our love for all things superhero around here...in fact, Zavion's middle name is Steel, which is actually for Superman, 'Man of Steel'). What was great was that all the labels were free printables!

Zavion and I went to the grocery store and got all of Colin's favorite foods to go in the gift basket, including Dots, Sunchips, candy corn, rootbeer, of course, and lots of other favorites.

Our grocery store has a wonderful bulk foods section, and we were able to get a lot of the goodies there (saving some money!). We took everything out of the original packaging and put it in plain bags, which gave it a more authentic look.

And, let me tell you, the kiddos were so excited to put it all together for Daddy (okay, I admit, so was I!)!

The other big gift we did, my personal favorite...

I took the kiddos to the park about a week before Father's Day and had them hold the letters while I took their pics. I was a little nervous, because I knew how I wanted it to look, and things rarely go as perfectly (yes, I am a control-freak, perfectionist with a little OCD on the side...lol) as I envision, especially when the kids are directly involved. But, it went perfectly! The kids were so cooperative and well-behaved and the pics I got turned out so amazing!

We also made one for Grandpa.

And, the final gift for Dad was some questionnaires the kids filled out about him. When I saw these adorable questionnaires on Pinterest (by the way, are you on Pinterest?? If not, get on there! It's crazy-awesome. If you need an invite, please ask and I will happily oblige!) I just knew they had to be included in our Father's Day goodies. Again, I wasn't sure how well it would go with the kids answering the questions, but I told myself that any answers they gave were going down, regardless of if they were wrong or just crazy, haha.

Zavion was up first, and insisted on writing his own answers. I fully expected to have to jump in and take over at some point, but he wrote everything himself (has his mama's perfectionism!). And, he did such a great job with the answers too...so thoughtful with them that I was very proud of him!

One of my favorite answers he gave for 'Favorite sport to play...' “Tag”
I think that tells you a lot about the kind of daddy he is! :o)

Avalee was next, and I figured I might have to feed her some answers, but she was answering questions faster than I could finish! She had some truly priceless and adorable answers, and it made me really happy that I decided to start this year (I have a feeling it will be an annual thing).

And, my favorite answer of Avalee's to the question, 'My dad is special to me because:?' “He gives me kisses and sings me Avalee song."
That's right, Miss Avalee has her own special song Daddy made up just for her (and will only sing for her). How lucky can a girl get?? :o)

And, how did Colin like his gifts? He loved them (he also got a new pair of Bluetooth headphones from Mommy ;o))! He was so excited about all his superhero goodies and was ecstatic about his picture! He just kept saying that he couldn't believe how great it looked and how excited he was to show it off at work (and make the other dads jealous...he is a guy, afterall! Haha!).

And, after all that fun? Well, it was onto a late lunch/early dinner, along with my parents and his dad, who also joined us.
Colin got to pick the Father's Day menu, which was sloppy joes, salad and baked potatoes.
I made a big batch (huge, actually) of homemade sloppy joes, some Crockpot baked potatoes with all the fixings and a surprise dessert of root beer floats.

It was such a wonderful day, filled with love for our favorite guy!!

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