Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conversations with Zavion...

It's hard to believe my little man will be FIVE next month! And, also hard to believe I've been doing these since he was three! Wow, time has just flown by and while I sometimes wish I could just freeze everything, I am really enjoying watching him grow and learn.

So, stay tuned for next month's special feature 'A Week Of Zavion.' I'm planning on blogging about my special guy every day of his birthday week, so Sun Oct 17th to Sun Oct 24th (his birthday is the 19th). I have lots of fun blogs planned, so make sure to some back to check it out!

In the's your latest Conversations with Zavion...

Z: I'd like to live in an apple tree.

M: Ok...why?

Z: Because it would be fun to live in an apple tree.

M: Why would it be fun to live in an apple tree?

Z: Because if you water the tree, you will get lots of apples and then you can eat apples all the time. You could eat your own house!!

Z: Mom, I want to be a car fixer when I grow up. I think people need car fixers, like if their air conditioning breaks or if their wheel falls off. Do you think car fixers make lots of money?

M: Hmmm...I don't know... But, how about a lawyer? They make lots of money! (Hey, a mom has to try right?)

Z: Ok, but what does a lawyer do?

M: Uhh...they argue with other lawyers & help people (It was the best I could do on the spot!)

Z: Well, I don't want to make people mad! 'Cause when I argue with you, I make you mad!

Z: Ewww!! Something stinks!

M: Yea, I think Avalee just pooped.

Z: I think Avalee just downloaded a game called, 'Stink Up the Room!'


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