Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diary of Miss Avalee Apryl

Hi, everyone! Wow, so much has changed since I last updated all of you!
Lets see...where to start...?
Oh, I have my first tooth. Yup, a little chomper right in the front, on the top. Wa-hoo! It will soon be joined by a toothy friend, right next to it. I'm so excited because I can bite now! I thought you could only bite food, but as it turns out, you can bite people too. Maybe I'm not supposed to though, because people seem to get mad when I do.
I can say “Ma-ma”, “Da-da” and “Da-deeee” now. Although, if I actually want Mama, I usually say “nnnnuuuuu.” I'm thinking it must mean “Mom” because she always responds to it. Gee, maybe I know another language and didn't even know it! I always say “Da-da” though, and if I really want to make sure I have his attention, I use “Da-deeee”; he will do anything for me when I call him that. ;0)
I'm trying to say more things, but must not be making any sense, because everyone just looks at me, like they don't know what I'm saying. I am getting really good at mimicking sounds though, and sometimes it even sounds like I'm saying “I Love You” back to Mama!
I'm also working on gaining some more mobility. Everyone told me I should start crawling next, but it just seems so trivial. I mean, if the long term goal is walking, why not start there? Anyway, I tried the whole crawling thing, and it's just not all it's cracked up to be, so I decided to work on standing, which is just one step closer to walking. I have it all planned out, see. Well, I can stand up all on my own now, but I have a hard time staying up. I'm just not sure how to do the standing thing alone yet. I do really well when I'm holding onto Mama, but if she lets go I start to fall. Darn! I'm just going to keep trying though, because I know I'll get it soon! In the meantime, Mama told Daddy he needs to lower my crib. I guess she's worried since I can pull myself up to the side now.
Otherwise, I've just been keeping busy; playing with my big brother, going to the pool & park, and going on fun trips with my family!
Well, it's late and I need my beauty rest, so I'll talk to you all soon!


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  1. You need your beauty rest????? How much more beautiful can you get????


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