Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas (yea, I know...about time!)!

So, Christmas this year (ok, ok...last year!) was great! Avalee was old enough to understand a little better what was going on (or at least not sleeping in her bouncy seat all day, like last year), and Z is just at that perfect age to really enjoy Christmas.
We actually kicked off our festivities the night before... Zavion and I had made cookies, and he decorated some special just for Santa. He write Santa a letter, and put out the cookies (and carrots and celery for the reindeer). Than he and Avalee each got to open a present, which was new jammies.
The next morning, we woke them up (isn't it supposed to be the other way around??) to tell them Santa had come. When they got downstairs, Z found a new bike and A found a Little People playset. Z immediately had to try out his bike (good call on Colin's part to have Z's helmet ready) and once it passed his approval, it was onto stockings. Now, we really go all out on stockings around here. It was that way when I was growing up, and now it's something we do. We don't just throw in some fruit and nuts; they are filled with little presents (and minimal candy) that are all wrapped individually. It's really fun, and honestly, my favorite part!
After stockings, it was a whirlwind of unwrapping gifts... Both kids got lots of books, DVDs (two Signing Times!), clothes, a couple Wii games and a few toys. And, Z got his big gift, the one he asked Santa for everytime he saw him; THE Batcave (and I'm happy to report that he has played with it everyday since Christmas).
Than, my parents and sister came over and we exchanged a LOT more gifts. Grandma and Grandpa only got the kids a few things ;0); let's just say after a couple hours, we were finally ready to head out for our tradition 'breakfast.' We had a great meal at IHOP (even though poor A got sick and threw up all over she and I) and capped off round two of Christmas for us. ;0)
Later, Colin's mom came by to spend the evening with us and unwrap a few more gifts, than his dad came by as well.
All together, it was a great day filled with lots of fun, laughter and family. Christmas really is my favorite holiday, and I was reminded again just why that is. I love spending the day with all the people I love, and I love seeing the looks on their faces when they get a really special gift (I will have another blog soon about some of the special gifts we made for everyone).
I hope everyone else had a great holiday and that your New Year is going well so far (and, I promise to blog more frequently...I swear!)!

Z checking out his new bike

Avalee loves her new amusement park

A digging into her stocking

Love for the presents they gave one another (A gave Z a Superman mug & Z gave A a book of nursey rhymes)


Grandma & Avalee

Grandpa & Z

Z trying out his new bike

Z showing off his new sweater from Grandpa Hi

Grandpa Hi helping Z play with his new silly putty


  1. It looks like you had a lovely Christmas!

    I stopped by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood!

  2. What fun! I love that little amusement park! I might have to look into getting that for my son's 1st birthday!

    Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  3. What an amazing year! I hope this one is enjoyable too!

    Welcome to SITS, it's great to have you join.

    I'm hosting a giveaway for a free YOU PICK pair of eyeglasses with your single vision prescription. FREE, I cool. Come on over.


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