Friday, July 24, 2009

Anyone reading this...?

I'm just curious if anyone actually reads these blogs? I've heard a few people talk about something I wrote on here, so I know some people must be reading some of them some of the time.
No, I'm not going to throw a diva-like fit and threaten to shut the whole thing down if you don't comment and/or 'follow me.' ;0) The truth is I've always enjoyed writing and was even going to be a writer of some kind when I 'grew up.' I like relating stories of life with my happy, crazy, fun-to-be-with family.
But...I'm not sure they're getting read and would be very happy to know they are. It's not like I strive to be one of those bloggers (who also write about their quirky, genius, better (way better) then average kids) who have hundreds of comments and lots of followers. But, c'mon, how can you not want to comment about how the girl just ate squash for the first time or how the boy drew some awesome pictures??
So, if you want to make day--and keep in mind, as you're reading this I'm probably doing any (or all) of the following:
*Rescuing a 7 month old who was abandoned by Mommy (even Mommies need to have two minutes to use the potty) & is crying/screaming/crying & screaming
*Picking food out of hair/wiping food off body parts, walls, ceiling...
*On my hands & knees in the kitchen cleaning up ketchup that "accidentally" spilled there
*Explaining to a three year old why jelly beans are not lunch then later pleading, begging & threatening said three year old to just eat the PB&J Mommy toiled over
*Stain treating grass stains off pants, peas off bibs and blueberries off the seat of my pants (don't ask)
--Please leave me a comment or follow me (On here, not in person. That would be creepy.) It will make my day. Really. It will.


  1. I read your blog! Don't stop writing. I love your style. It's never too late to become an author!! :)

  2. Oops! That first comment is from me (Ceara). I messed up with the whole blogger/anonymous button...

  3. Aw, thanks Ceara! I originally started this to keep our VIPs that aren't around (like you & my bro) updated on our family. So, it's good to know that you're reading it. :) I'll keep 'em coming!

  4. I read them!!! It's just when I get to the end of it and it's time to leave a comment Madi's "timer" goes off and I have to walk away from the computer to "save" her.... then by the time I get back I forgot what I was going to do!... you know how it goes.... But I do enjoy reading all the great/awesome/wonderful/sometimes hilarious stories from the Turner Clan.... keep it up!! (btw...Madi is yelling at me as I write this... you'll have to be the one to explain to her why mommy was mean and ignored her for 2 whole minutes!! lol)

  5. You know Grandma reads this. I leave comments whenever I can figure it out. LOL.

  6. Grandpa hangs on every word. I don't get on and read the blog all that often but I do read them.

    I love them and you too.

  7. I read them :)
    I think that it is a great tribute to your children.. because who has the time to journal in baby books.. i certainly do not.

  8. Thanks everyone, for making me feel better! Well, as you can see, I'm still blogging and I will keep them coming. It might take me awhile sometimes, but there will eventually be new blogs to read. ;0)
    Oh, Liz, tell Madi that you needed those two minutes to come stroke my ego & make me feel better! She loves Aunt Peggy, so she will understand. I'm sure. I'll have a talk with her about giving you a couple minutes here-and-there to add some more comments too. I'd tell her to give you a couple minutes so you could make some lunch or use the potty, but I don't want to push it, And, afteral, commenting on my blog is WAY more important than peeing or eating. ;0)


I love hearing from you...thanks for taking the time to stop by! :)

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