Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An evening with Zavion...

So, the other night we were going through an all-too common struggle with trying to get Z to sleep.
“Mom, I need a snack.” “Now I'm thirsty.” “I need to go potty!” "Dad, my bed is not soft enough”...
After almost two hours of this (yup, the boy has his Mama's willpower & Dad's-uh-sleep 'issues.'), he called Colin into his room.
Z had been drawing on his easel (which has a chalkboard on one side) and told Colin that he had drawn a picture of himself. Colin called me in to look at it, and instinctively I grabbed the camera.
Well, it turned out Z had drawn himself; he drew a head with eyes, a nose, mouth and even a line that went to the newly acquired bump on his head (after a fall in Grandma's van). We were so amazed at our smart little guy! And, it got even better... He told us he was going to draw a picture of Daddy next (we decided to extend bedtime a bit, to marvel at his talent!) and after carefully erasing everything from the board (he's also got Mommy's-umm-tendency to be 'particular'), got to work. He drew Colin's head much bigger than his own and gave him a big nose and small eyes, just like Colin has. ;0) Then he drew me; he gave me a smaller head and added two long lines from the bottom--”Because you have long legs, Mom.” Then, he wanted to know if we had green chalk. When I asked why, he matter-of-factly replied; “because you have green eyes.” Aww, what three year old knows the color of his mom's eyes?! Then he came up to me and took my head in his hands, quietly studying my face. He went back and added some dots to the eyes and said, “You have some yellow in your eyes, Mom.” Colin agreed, saying astonished, “He's right. You do!”
Wow, what a kid and what an experience for us! He is such a smart guy and I truly believe he'll be able to do anything he sets his mind to. It's such a privilege to be his parents! :0)

Posing with his 'likeness'

He had to draw a second picture of himself, so he could add hair. LOL!

His picture of Dad (he decided Dad needed to be an alien, so he gave him lots of legs).

Long-legged Mommy (and, notice I'm the only one that gets a smile!)

Studying the picture of Mommy, after adding yellow to the eyes, to make sure it's "done."

And, this one... He said this is a picture of me after he took some of my money and lost it (which actually happened). "Mommy has mad eyes & a sad mouth."


  1. They say the more detail that a child puts into a drawing tells alot about their intellect. And we know he is smart!!

  2. There are very few three year olds who could draw any kind of picture... much less so detailed a picture. Grandpa is SO PROUD of him.


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