Thursday, February 19, 2009

A day at the park...

It's been so beautiful this week, it seemed almost like a crime not to go out and enjoy it! When Z asked to go to the playground at the school across the street, it seemed like a good time to head over to the park. Once I realized this would be our first outing with just me, Z and A and at the park no less, I started to get a little nervous (what if he needed help on the monkey bars while I was feeding her??-what if Avalee pooped or threw up on her clothes??). I knew if I kept thinking about it, I'd talk myself out of going. So, I did the only thing possible to ensure we would actually go; tell Z we were going.
Our destination was Wes Bennett park, which is a new park just a few blocks away. It has two different play structures for all ages of kids, lots of room to run and in the Summer, a splash fountain. Z loves it there, and is always begging to go!
Once he knew we were going, he was on his best behavior. Instead of the normal half hour of trying to get him ready to go out, it only took five minutes! He got himself dressed, combed his hair and put his shoes on by himself. ;0)
Once we got there, he was so well behaved! He patiently waited while I struggled with the stroller. Then he found a couple new little friends just his age to play with. I was so happy and proud to see him playing so well with the little girls. They were piling up bark chips and 'making' chocolate chip cookies. It was adorable to watch and I made a promise to myself to come back to the park more often, so he could have playtime with other kids. :0)

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