Saturday, February 21, 2009

Phone pictures

I take a lot of pictures-a lot. I always have my phone with me and won't hesitate to whip it out and snap pics of anything and everything. Of course, a lot of the pics are of the kids being cute... But there are also just as many of things I find silly, weird or just plain crazy (and some of those are of the kids too). It seems a crime not to share them with everyone, so I'm going to update the blog weekly with some of said pics.
Enjoy! :0)

When you come around the corner and see this, it cracks you up. I don't care if you're having a bad day; you will laugh.

They were having a sale.


I'm a cool mommy and made mini corndogs and curly fries (both homemade) for dinner. When you make mini corndogs and curly fries, you have to make them into a kooky face.

Superman helping to make banana bread. The best part of this picture is the look on his face.


  1. Hey! Why didn't I get some banana bread??

  2. Colin ate it all! I only got two slices myself. :0(


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