Friday, February 6, 2009

Seven weeks

Avalee will be two months old next week! The little Princess is just amazing! Like her big brother, she is just so smart (I know, impartiality here right ;0)). She recently started focusing more on people and objects. She will just look around the room or study our faces. But, the most adorable new thing is that she tries to kiss! She has always loved affection and really responds to getting kisses (kicks her feet, waves her arms around). When Z leaned in to give her a kiss one morning, she actually craned her neck toward him and tried puckering up. I don't think I've seen anything quite as cute! Now, it's become regular practice for her to start pursing her lips when she sees someone coming in for a kiss or even when you make a kissy sound. Adorable!
She is also an incredible happy, tranquil baby. She is rarely upset and usually only fussy if I can't feed her fast enough. ;) I call her "Smiley" because that's what she does all the time. It's just so much fun to interact with her and get big smiles and giggles. And, even better is that she's starting to 'talk' now too. I love this stage because I think those baby coos are one of life's greatest sounds! I just love conversing with her and getting those adorable little "aah" or "ooh" responses. I just know she's storing all those conversations away, so she can amaze us with her vocabulary when she starts talking (just like Z). :)

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  1. She definetly knows when a camera is pointed at her.


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