Saturday, February 28, 2009

Conversations with Zavion

Conversations with Zavion

One of the best things about having a three year old are the conversations that go along with that. The three year old mind is so fascinating to me, and some of my most favorite moments are of those listening to or conversing with Z.
Now, I truly believe Zavion is smarter than the average bear (nothing like being modest, huh? LOL!), so along with the normal three year old stuff, comes some amazingly perceptive, intelligent and even witty banter.
I've always tried to record these conversations and/or stories, so we can look back on them later. I've decided to share some of these here on the blog, and I am going to share these as a regular installment here.

Here are a couple to start with...

Z is eating lunch and I'm sitting at the table with him, holding Avalee. After staring at her for several seconds...
Z: Mom, does Avalee come from a planet?
M: She lives on the plant Earth. We all do.
Z: I don't live on Earth!
M: Where do you live then?
Z: I live on Jupiter! And, Mom? Can I go to Mars on a rocket ship?
M: Maybe someday you can...
Z: Mom, do you want to come with me? And, does Avalee want to come too? Do you want to share a red rocket ship seat with me?
M: I'd love to! :D

We're at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and Z is helping Grandma make dinner. A can of corn was starting to fall off the counter and Z caught it.
Grandma thanked him and told him he was her hero! Zavion says; “I'm not a Superhero. Superman saves people, I save corn!”

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  1. I guess I should tell about his mom and the snake at Aunt Alyce's house.


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