Sunday, March 1, 2009

I survived!

We had to make a return trip to IKEA, to get Z's dresser, so we decided to head up there on Saturday. Last time we were there, Z spotted the kids play area and really wanted to go in. Since we wanted to look at a few things anyway, we decided to let him go in.
Now, this was obviously the plan and had been for a couple days before going to IKEA. It was still the plan when we left for IKEA, on the way to IKEA and once we arrived in the parking lot of IKEA. However...once we got in the line, I realized this would be the first time we had left Z with anyone outside the family.
I stared silently wondering if this was a good idea. Colin had taken Z to the bathroom, while my mom and I waited in the line. By the time he had gotten back, I was in full blown panic mode. My stomach was in knots and a could feel a cold sweat coming on! Colin kept telling me it would be okay, and that Z would be okay. The closer we got to the front of the line though, the worse I felt.

“They have a ball pit,” I said. “I don't like ball pits.”
“It's fine.” “It's only for one hour,” Colin reminded me.

“Did you see the emergency evacuation directions??”
Colin just shook his head.
“Seriously. It's important we both know where to meet Z if we get separated!”
“Uh, ok. In case an airplane crashes into the building or something.”
At this point, I'm shooting him a don't-you-dare-be-sarcastic when I'm willingly giving up my baby to strangers-look!

Again, Colin reminds me everything and everyone will be fine. We get to the counter and I check him in. I'm trying to play it cool and not let the girl at the desk see that I'm a complete wreck, but I believe it's possible I might throw up!
And then, it's over and Z is walking away...away from me! Ack! I had to watch him through the glass window for a couple minutes before being physically pulled away by Colin.
I set my phone alarm for 50 minutes and clutched the pager they gave us in case we needed to come back sooner.
About a half hour later, the pager went off, and so did I. All the worst thoughts were going through my head as I rushed downstairs with my mom. What if another kid was mean to him?? What if he missed us and is in tears?? What if he missed us SO much he managed to run away and was lost???
When we got there, Z was just standing by the exit. He looked a little worried, but there were no tears. The attendant said he simply asked to go back with his Mom and Dad. He had fun and told us he wanted to go back next time.
Next time? Maybe I'll start working up to it now!

Yup, Colin took a pic of me worrying after Z went in...

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  1. Grandma was just as worried as Mom. It was scary.


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