Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conversations with Zavion

He got to pick out brand new underwear as a reward for being potty trained. Of course, he chose Superhero underwear and, of course, Superman was his favorite.
One morning, I got out a pair of underwear for him that had Batman on them…

Z: I don’t want these; I want Superman!
M: Superman is in the laundry. These are Batman, and he’s cool too.
Z: No, Superman is better!!
M: Batman is just as good (in my heart, knowing this is not true, of course…LOL!).
Z: No, Batman doesn’t have red rocketship boots like Superman.
M: But, he has a cool car and plane.
Z: But, he can’t fly like Superman.
M: That’s true…but, put on the underwear anyway.


“Look at the moon! It’s smiling at me! It’s saying, ‘Hi Mr. Zavion!’”


I caught him getting into candy and said, “nuh uh.” He said, “I wasn’t stealing candy Mom. I was just checking to make sure everything was okay.”

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