Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, we went to Ikea yesterday and attempted to shop. I say 'attempted' because when you are trying to traverse Ikea on a holiday that everyone else in the world has off with a 3 year old and a 2 month old, things can be a bit tricky. Add into that, both kids are sick and it was pretty exhaustive! Z just wanted to run around everywhere, and it was so packed I was getting a little scared he would just disappear (one of my paranoias...crazy kid snatchers around every corner!). Trying to keep him strapped into the cart proved pretty unsuccessful, and he only calmed down after Dad took him out to the car for awhile. And, poor Avalee was all snotty and I had to keep torturing her by sucking our her little nose.
Then, it turns out the dresser (for Z) we went all the way there for was out of stock! Ugh! We did pick up a few other essential items, but now have to make another trip up there for the dresser.
Oh well, at least I got a lunch at Schlotzkys out of it. YUM! :0)

Avalee and Grandma after our yummy Schlotzky's lunch (well, A didn't have Schlotzky's, but her lunch was still yummy ;0))

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