Friday, February 13, 2009


These last couple weeks our entire household has had this icky cold. It started with Colin; he had a nasty chest cold that lasted awhile. I thought we were in the clear, because none of us had come down with it. Then, Z woke up one morning with a full blown cold. I always dread when he gets sick, because he’s one of those really annoying sick people. ;0) He goes from being whiny and clingy to hyper and ornery. Then there’s the fact that I have to practically chase him down and attack him just to wipe his nose. *sigh* While dealing with him, I realized I had become sick too! I think the lack of sleep I’ve been getting along with having to work extra hard to take care of the kids finally took its toll on me. And then, just when I thought Z was starting to feel better, he woke up one night with a really horrible cough. It immediately got my attention, because it was a different cough than what he had. Colin and I went to check on him, and he was just wheezing, coughing and gasping for air. I knew by the sound of the cough that he had something more than a cold, but we had to wait until the morning to call the pediatrician. In the meantime, my poor baby boy was just so miserable, and scared. He kept leaning up against me and crying. Then he’d look at me and I just knew he wanted me to fix him. It broke my heart!
Colin stayed home from work the next day and took Z into the doctor. It turned out he had croup, and they gave him some medicine there. We ran the humidifier that night, and the next day he was much better.
A few days later, Avalee started getting sick. It’s always so sad when an infant is sick, because they are just so helpless. :0( We had to keep using the bulb syringe on her nose, which she hates! She kept sneezing and had a little cough too. I was keeping a close eye on her because the pediatrician told us it was more dangerous for her to get croup. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but one evening I heard the distinct barking cough sound. I was really hoping she wouldn’t get it, since she’s breastfed (and getting all those important nutrients!), but there it was. So, another trip to the pediatrician (only one day before her two month check-up too) and some meds for Avalee. So, now her croup has subsided, but the cold is still holding on. Her pediatrician says it may last another week. *Ugh* She’s usually so happy, but has been so miserable, especially at night. :0( I’m so proud of her though, because she’s such a little trooper and still smiles and coos at us even as she’s stuffed up and snotty.

Zavion making silly faces (what else is there to do when you're sick? ;0))

She's still a pretty Princess, even when she's sick

I'm sick Mom :0(

Sick baby :0(

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