Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Story Of Us

So, for those of you that don't know how Colin and I came to be, here's our story...
During high school, Colin and I were both involved in a Summer marching band program, Argonauts (I know, I're thinking I'm always calling Colin a geek, and here I am admitting to not only being in a marching band, but a Summer marching band?? Well, I was one of the cool ones. Really. Ask anyone.), and both joined the Summer of 1993. I knew of Colin from seeing him over the years, but didn't actually know him (we went to different high schools, although we were in the same year). The last two years I was in Argonauts, he was the drum major, so I observed him a little more, but just thought of him as the shy, geeky drum major

In '95, which was my last year in Argo, the phone rang at home and my dad announced the name on the caller ID (how cool was that caller ID, huh?). “Oh, that's our drum major” I say and answer from the corded phone (stick with me here people, this was '95, remember). I just figured he was calling with some official band thing, but when he started stammering and asking if I had a boyfriend, I realized this was more of a personal call. I quickly switched to the cordless phone, and moved into my bedroom. He asked me if I would go with him to the junior prom. I thought as quickly as a 17 year old could, and told him I would think about it and to call me back. I decided it just would be too awkward for us to go to the prom together, since we barely knew each other. But, he was so sweet and I realized I really did want to get to know him better. So, when he called back, I nicely turned down his prom request, but suggested we go on a date instead. I could tell he was disappointed, but he agreed it might be uncomfortable going to the prom together not knowing each other. He promised to call me back soon for a date... Well, I waited and waited and waited. Weeks went by, than a month and another! My friends who were pretty surprised when I told them we were going to go out (as I mentioned, he was shy, reserved and pretty geeky. I was loud, outgoing and boisterous) were having a great time pointing out every time he looked my direction in band practice. “He's looking at you, he's looking at you!!” and after about 20 of these, I would relent and finally look in his direction and they would get all giggly making him squirm and look all embarrassed.

Well, finally after two months, he called me and asked me out on a date; we were going to see Apollo 13 at the theater downtown. I arrived for our date, late as usual (I am and have always been one of 'those' people who show up late to everything) and didn't see him anywhere. Finally I see him walking up the sidewalk, and found out he had been there for about a half hour just walking around and around the building, afraid I was going to stand him up. Oops!

We got into the theater and started talking, and I realized he was such a fun person! He was sweet and funny and so smart. He had me laughing immediately, which I loved. And, I realized I never knew how dang cute he was! I was just seeing those big glasses and the preppy clothes, but once I got to know him and really look at him, I realized he was one handsome guy!
Sometime during the movie, he asked to hold my hand (I know...awwww, right??) and I happily obliged. :o) After the movie, his mom picked us up (no drivers licenses for either of us yet) and took me home. At our next practice, he asked me out again, and we had another great time together.
The next day we left on tour for two weeks. I would definitely not say that dating during the tour was easy (for one thing; our 'accommodations' were usually high school gymnasiums which meant well all bunked together, which meant him seeing me all grungy and grumpy at 6AM) , but it really gave us the chance to get to know each other. Hours spent on the bus between cities meant hours of chatting. At the end of the two weeks, he had to fly out to attend drum major camp at UO (at least if I was going to date a geek, I got the King of Geeks, right?) while we came back home by bus. I found myself really missing him, and couldn't wait to see him again.

Well, 15 years later and I still feel that way. I still miss him when we're not together, and can't wait to see him again. We still talk for hours, about everything and nothing. He still makes me laugh unexpectedly. And, I still think he's the cutest geek ever, but now I get to see that reflected in our children.

We've both changed over the years; we've evolved, matured. And, we've been through a lot together; lots of moves, a few jobs, loss of loved ones, and the births of our children.

Through it all, we've loved each other the same...

And, in the end I'm still the girl who gets to hold hands with the boy.


  1. That is going to be a great story to pass down to the kids :)

  2. The first time I met him I knew I liked him.

  3. I totally remember when he *finally* asked you out.... "what do I do if our hands touch in the popcorn bowl?!?!?" lol.... You guys were so perfect for each other right from the start! :0)

  4. This is a super sweet story! I'm glad you said yes, and I'm glad got up the courage to continue to ask even when it didn't go exactly as he hoped in the first asking. Now you need him to write his side of the story. :O)

  5. Thanks for bringing that up, Liz! ;o)
    Thanks, Christy! Saying yes was definitely the best decision I've ever made. And, I have a hard time getting my hubby to write down what kind of cereal he wants on the grocery list, so we may be waiting awhile for his side of the story. Lol!


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