Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zavion's SUPER Birthday party

So, as the previous post mentioned, Mr. Zavion turned four on the 19th. He requested a Superman birthday party, and while I normally don't do commercial/character themes, it was certain he would need a Superman party at some point in his childhood.
So, Superman it was. I had Colin take Z out while we (me, my mom, Mercedes and her boyfriend) decorated, so he would be a little surprised to see everything.
Once all the guests arrived (and ate), the kids got to do some fun activities. We had capes and masks for them to decorate, and they had a great time putting massive amounts of glitter glue and stickers on them. Then they got to get their pictures taken as a Superhero. We also had a Superman pinata, and they were all pretty excited to get a crack at that. They all had lots of fun taking turns hitting the pinata, then scrambling for goodies.
Then it was cake time, which is a favorite of Z's! I had made some cake toppers out of melted chocolate, that were molded into Superman shields. They turned out really well, and looked great on top of the blue-frosted cupcakes. I made Z a jumbo cupcake, with three candles and a number four sparkler. He was blown away when I lit the candles and sparkler, and the look on his face was priceless. :0)
After cake and ice cream, Z got to open his presents, and to say he was excited is an understatement. For him, getting all the attention on him is just as fun as the gifts he gets to open. He received lots of great gifts, and had so much fun.

BIG thanks to Grandma for making the capes and pinata and Aunt CC for the superhero cut-out!

Helping Z design his cape

Z & his cousin Ty making masks

Taking a swing at the pinata

He's really serious about breaking that open!

This one's for you John ;0)

Ohh, The Green Lantern DVD...SWEET!

My super-birthday boy! Love ya buddy!!

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  1. I am so happy all of the kids loved their capes. This was such a fun party. Z makes a great superman. I love you Z!!


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