Monday, November 2, 2009

Feelin' Pumpkiny

The day after Z's birthday, we decided to make the trek to the pumpkin patch. It was really our last window, and we were running out of time! So, we headed over to our favorite patch, Bauman Farms with both grandmas in tow.
This place is much, much more than just a pumpkin patch, so we decided to take in some of the other activities first. We played in the frontier fort, where I actually went down one of the tube slides with Z, willingly (I'm a little claustrophobic, so he better appreciate my sacrifice!) and checked out all the cute animals in the petting zoo. Z was getting a little anxious to get his pumpkin, so we boarded the covered wagon/hay ride for the pumpkin patch. Z was a little unsure about the hayride, until we started moving; then he loved it! He was waving at people and pointing out all the pumpkins he was going to take home.
Once we got into the patch, Z decided he was going to take the first pumpkin he laid eyes on. Of course, it was huge and not in the best shape either. We walked around inspecting each and every pumpkin, and I started to feel a little bad for judging these guys so harshly. ;0) We each had our own idea of what made up a 'good' pumpkin; Colin likes the BIG pumpkins, I like the deep orange, really round pumpkins and Z...well he likes them all! Avalee was having a great time too, and it was so great to experience this from her eyes. When she felt the first pumpkin, her eyes got wide and she just grinned and giggled. She loved standing up against the pumpkins, which made for some great photo ops! Of course, we also had to stock up on Indian corn, which I love for their colors and gourds which Z loves for their “funny shapes.” We weighed our loot and 150lbs (yup, heard me right) later, we were set.
We 'let' Daddy take the pumpkins to the car, and Z and I went through the pirate ship. Again, I made some sacrifices for the boy, because in order to get to the ship, you have to walk through a very dark hay corridor. Blech! Then, it was off to the jumping pillow, which I thought Z would love, but he just wasn't that into. We realized it was getting late anyway, and they would close soon, so we had to get our cider and donuts (I don't even like cider or doughnuts, and I worship this stuff). Of course, on the way to get our goodies, we were enticed by signs for cider smoothies, and couldn't pass that up. And, wowza was that yummy! So, we got a couple gallons of cider, two bags of donuts (I told you, they are good) and I even found some adorable miniature pepper plants (which, of course, are not still sitting in their original containers).
So, it was a great afternoon, fun was had by all and we left with lots of goodies for later enjoyment!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...I know 'Pumpkiny' is not a word, but I needed to make it up one year when certain people (John & Colin-you know who you are) weren't getting into the joy of the pumpkin patch.

On the hay ride

The donuts!


  1. You made the mistake of letting Z carry the dounuts. He ate one at the patch and another at Grandpas house. He loves his dounuts. Avalee is so cute with her pumpkins.

  2. Yes, we know who we are, and now so does everybody else...I think you've missed the point of the "you know who you are" thing.

    On another note, wow, Avalee looks exactly like a tiny version of Grandma. It's seriously uncanny.


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