Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Diary of Miss Avalee Apryl

Wow, it's been awhile since I've written in my diary. So, today is my 11th month birthday! Mama has been gettin' all excited planning a birthday party for me next month, and says I'm gonna love it. I don't know much about parties, but they say I'm going to get a big cake all to myself that I get to eat! I don't even think I have to share with my brother. So, I'll let Mama get all crazy-excited, but I'm just waiting for that cake!
So, let's see...what I have been up to? Well, I have six teeth now! Yup, four on the top on two on the bottom. I love eating small bits of food and chomping them up with my teeth. Mom gives me big-girl food now; carrots, peas, cheese, noodles. And, the best part is she doesn't even mash it all up first! Tonight for dinner, Daddy made me my very own pancake. I'm not sure where these have been all my life, but can I just say...YUMM!
I'm talking a lot more now--well, I've always talked, but nobody could seem to understand me, and now they can! The other morning, after Daddy left for work, I even told Mama; “Dad-Da, Da-Da-Bye-Bye!” I guess Mommy was impressed because she texted Daddy right away to tell him.
I also recently learned to clap (thanks Grandma!) and love doing it! I even clapped along to my favorite TV show, 'Yo Gabba Gabba' (Mommy says not to be too hard on her; she knows I probably shouldn't be watching TV, but my bro gets to watch, and, hey, I'm right there...). In fact, I just always feel so happy, that I clap at almost everything! :D
My other recent skill? Daddy taught me to high-five! I still don't really understand what it is or why we do it, but it makes Daddy happy, so I just giggle and go along with it.
And, my newest trick...walking! Yup, I took my first 'real' step a couple days ago. Z was playing his harmonica and I just really wanted to get closer to those sweet sweet sounds, so I took a step to him! Yay, me! I have done a little more walking since then, but nothing big...yet. I really like cruising on my hippo walker, and can really get movin' with that thing! I'm just working up to be able to finally chase after Z!
And, I had my first Halloween. Mom and Dad took me and Z out to do something they call, “Trick-or-Treating.” I had no idea what that was, but Z was really excited, so I figured it must be good. Turns out though, you have to get changed into some strange clothes that you've never worn before, and never will again. Mama called them “costumes” and put me into a pink leopard one. I thought I looked pretty awesome! Than we got to walk all over our neighborhood, knocking on doors. Mom and Dad let Z go up to the doors and knock, than the people gave him candy! I was so excited to do it myself, that I was practically jumping out of Daddy's arms. One really nice man let me grab a candy, all by myself. I chose M&Ms, and got to chew on the wrapper while we were out. When we got home, I was so excited to try everything out, but Mama and Daddy said I was too young. What?! Well, I decided to play with all the candy anyway, which was a lot of fun (and later, I showed them by getting into some Nerds...hehehe).
I'm told the next holiday is Thanksgiving, and there will be all kinds of food to eat. They did say I could eat that, so I'm really excited, because I looove to eat!



  1. You know little girl if you get up and walk, you would be able to keep up with your brother better. Not to mention making Mommy run more.

  2. Where are the pictures of her in the candy bowl? Brother also taught her to do itsy, bitsy, spider. She is getting good at the hand parts.

  3. I had to add something.
    Avalee I love your beautiful smile, and the fact that you are always happy. I love you!!

  4. you are lucky to have such a good mommy and grandma. God bless your 11th month milestone.


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