Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rainy day fun...

We had gotten so used to all the beautiful sunny weather around here, that a rainy day came as bit of a shock. After we got over our depression, Z and I decided to turn it into a fun craft day!
We had been waiting for just the right time to try our hand at making some crayons, using a dinosaur cake mold. We were both very excited (yay, the boy loves to craft as much as his mama!) and really, the rainy weather, was just the excuse we needed. We gathered our supplies and got to work...

Step 1: Place non-craft participating child in high chair and bribe with copious amounts of Puffs

Step 2: Unwrap and break (in half) pretty crayons (if you're not quite as anal as me, just use your kid's already beat-up crayons. I bought the box of Crayola, because I thought they would melt better, or something. Really, I just have some control issues)

Step 3: Mutter, grumble and swear (to yourself) about the amount of time it's taking to unwrap the damn crayons.
*Here are some things I discovered: Crayola crayons have really tough paper to get off and the darker colors are even tougher (not scientific, I know, but trust me, after doing a bazillion of these, I know)

Step 4: Realize that step 2 should have been putting the crayons in the freezer, because crayons are made of wax, and wax shrinks when frozen...thus crayons shrink making the paper easier to get off! Now, if only I had realized this before I only had three crayons left.

Step 5: Give up your crazy dream of having only Crayola crayons and send your kid for the crayon box to use whatever ghetto crayons you can find... *sigh*

So, after what seemed like hours of doing this, we finally had enough crayons to fill our mold. Well, all but one anyway; but since Avalee was giving us this crazy, “What are you guys doing?”, “Get me out of this stinkin' chair!” and “What ARE you guys doing??” look, we had to make time.

After filling the molds (we did multiple colors for each dino), we popped the pan in a pre-heated (350) oven and cooked for about twenty minutes (we tried ten, but there were still some chunks, so we decided on another ten. Hmmm...I bet if only high-quality Crayola crayons were used, ten min would have been fine).

He's hiding the one spot we didn't get filled...LOL

What they look like after they are melted

After we took them out, we put them in the freezer for about ten minutes, then popped them out of the mold. The result was some pretty awesome dinosaur crayons! So awesome, that you want to take like a hundred pictures of them while your kid keeps bugging you to “pleeeeze” let him just use them already.


My camo crayon...pretty proud of that one! ;0)

So, we unfolded a giant piece of butcher paper on the kitchen floor and Z picked out his favorite crayon. He was way excited to discover it made two colors at once started making giant swirls all over, while giggling and saying “Look, Mommy!”...and I then realized it was all worth it. :0)


  1. I LOVE this idea!!! I'll have to find some molds for Madi ( of course I may have some time before she can do any crafting/coloring though! lol) Maybe A & M can have a crayon-making playdate sometime! :0)

  2. Yea, that would be awesome! I have my eye on a similar mold that are butterflies. I can just picture the pretty crayons that would make, :0)
    Of course, you can just use any old mold you have around, or even a candy mold. It would just be harder to do mixed colors, since you would have to pour in melted wax. Still...the possibilities are endless!

  3. You're so funny :-)
    Thanks for this great idea for my dino-fan kid!

    1. Thanks for those sweet words, Karin! And, thanks for stopping by!
      Check out some of my other fun kiddo crafts while you're here (and make sure to 'follow' me too!)! :o)


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