Thursday, December 24, 2009

The big O-N-E

So, my sweet Miss Avalee turned one year old on December 12th. As is customary around here, we did it up big with a party in her honor. ;0)
The theme was cupcakes, and I decided the theme lended itself to homemade decorations. So, I made (almost) everything myself; from the invitations to the cupcakes.
I had a blast with all the planning, and was super-happy with how everything turned out.
We had a nice group (even though the forecast called for freezing rain, and it was a little worrisome for awhile), and Avalee was thrilled that all the special people in her life were there.

The 'Happy Birthday' banner I slaved over for three days. LOL!

Part 1 of the garland; also time consuming, but the results made it worthwhile (sorry, not the best angle).

Part 2 of the garland; pictures of sweet Avalee over the last year.

The giant cupcake Aunt Liz (and Uncle Brendan too, I heard!) made.

Our cupcake making station. Turned out pretty cute, and the kids loved it!

I really dig this picture Colin fun!

I had a time capsule (did the same thing for Z's 1st birthday) and asked everyone to bring something special to add; Avalee gets to open it on her 10th birthday.

Grandpa adding a rock he hand-cut.

Crissy adding a book of jokes.

We also created a little slide show of pictures of Avalee over the last year. See, that big TV came in handy. ;0)

The cupcakes; Avalee got the giant cupcake to dig into (yes, I used a mold)!

And, she had a few ;0) gifts to unwrap...

And, of course...let her eat cake. Unfortunately, she was a little more dainty than I would have preferred. Darn girl loves her food so much that she makes sure it goes into the mouth, and doesn't get wasted. LOL!

LOVE this picture! Clearly, she thinks we've all lost it... " lit a cake on fire & now you're all singing in unison? Wha...?!

Realized it was ok to just dig in!

Love this one of the cupcake looming in front of her!

She decided to make it easier, and just bite the cake!

Obviously, I have a bazillion more photos, but I will spare you with the rest of them. ;0) The party was a big success and I can't wait to start planning #2!

So, a HUGE thanks to Grandma for helping make everything come together. She put up the decorations, helped me get the food ready, cleaned up...well, what didn't she do? You are awesome; thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And, a big thanks to Aunt Liz for, once again, creating an adorable design for 'the' wall (LOL)! Did I tell you next year's theme is mermaids? You might want to start working on that one now... ;0)


  1. What a great idea for a party. I hope you don't mind but this gram may use it in the future.
    She is adorable

  2. Everything was worth it for my girls. I loved seeing my little girl having the best time with her little girl. It brought back memories of another first birthday party 31 years ago.


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