Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Avalee...

My sweet little Miss Avalee,
I can hardly believe you are already one year old. This last year seems to have just flown by, although I can vividly recall all your special milestones and stages.
You are my daughter, my sweet baby girl, and of course I love you more than you will ever know. But, I also love who you are and who you are becoming. You are an amazing person and truly one-of-a-kind.
You have always been such a happy baby! In fact, I believe you are the happiest person (let alone, baby) I have ever known. You are always smiling and laughing, and charm everyone with your cheerful nature. Your smile just radiates from you, and you make the most amazing face when you are happy; your nose crinkles up and your eyes get so sparkly. And, your giggles have to be just about the best sound I have ever heard.
You love people, and light up when anyone (even strangers) talk to you. You are very social, although you play coy sometimes, which is just even more endearing.
You are also so incredibly loving, and we all feel so lucky to be loved by you. You were giving out kisses and hugs long before other babies and are really starting to perfect the process now. A frequent recipient of your loving is your big brother. You love nothing more than to hug and kiss him all over! And, he loves you right back. Even if he's not in a great mood, you always make him smile and giggle with your love 'attacks', and than, he usually he reciprocates. ;0) And, of course Mommy and Daddy frequently get smothered with your little kisses and hugs. Daddy gets the added bonus of the squealing greeting when he gets home from work.
And, you're quite the little talker (just like your big brother!). You were always babbling, but within the last few months have learned lots of new words, and have even managed to string some together. You always make us laugh too, when you respond “Nothing” when we ask, “Avalee, what are you doing?” Or, “What?” when we say “Avalee.” You say “bye” now, which accompanied by your cute little wave, is just adorable.
You are a music lover, which, of course is no surprise in this family. You will play on your little piano or drums for a long time, in your own little world. You used to do a little booty-shaking dance move, but now your signature move is your head bobbing. As soon as your hear music, you start bobbing your head along! And, you've just recently started 'singing' along to some of your favorite songs. I have a little battery operated mouse that sings and dances to 'Jingle Bell Rock' and you just love him. As soon as you hear the song, you start bobbing along and signing with him. 'Wheels On the Bus' is another of your favorite songs, and it always calms you down when you're upset in the car (since you hate being in your carseat). I put on a CD and Z and I will sing along for you, and you immediately calmed.
For these reasons, and so many more, I love you with all my heart. This last year, with you in our lives, has been an amazing adventure. You have added a whole new layer to our family, and we are all so lucky to be with you.
While I will miss this last year, and those amazing baby days, I look forward to the next year. I know you are no longer that little baby that was content to just be held and rocked for hours on end. You no longer have the patience to just stare into my eyes while I sing to you or tell you a little story. You are a girl on the move now. You want to play, and laugh, and tell me stories. You want to see everything, do everything, experience everything. You are turning into a little girl, before my eyes. I'm excited to see what the years hold in store for you, and honored to share in your journey with you. You have brought so much to my life, and I love you more than you will ever know.
And, remember, you will always be my baby girl.

I Love You,


  1. My dear baby girl:
    I just want to add a few words of my own to your mother's letter. I want to say how I and your grandma love the time we get to spend with you and your brother. the days are grey and dull until you show up and then no matter how bad I feel, I begin to feel so much better.
    Your grandma and I always ask your mom and dad to leave you with us and go out just so we can spend time with you.
    You have made our lives so much better and I love you very much.
    Love Grandpa

  2. I have to add to Grandpas note. If I am feeling really low of having a bad day seeing you and your brother make everything seem better. I really do love your smile and giggles. I loved our few days together. We had so much fun with Z laughing and playing on the floor. You are soooo silly. kisses to you and I can't wait for the next year. I Love You!!


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