Saturday, April 3, 2010

Diary of Miss Avalee Apryl

Wow, I've been really neglecting my diary! I can't believe I haven't written in like four months...and SO much has happened since then too.
Lets see...I had my FIRST birthday (wowza was that fun!), I started walking then running (maybe not in that order...hehe), then Christmas (MORE presents!), got to play in the snow, learned lots of new words and signs, went to the zoo for the first time... Wow, I'm one busy gal!
What else? Well, Mommy always says I'm such a little person, not so much a baby, now, so maybe I'll tell ya a little about who I am now.
I'm still a happy little lady, but a little spunkier now! I know I'm the “little sister” but I really try to push the limits on that one. ;0) Since I've become mobile, I can really keep up with my big bro' now. We chase each other around the house all the time, and I even like to wrestle with him (sometimes I can even take him down on my own!). He lets me play with his toys sometimes, but when he doesn't, I sometimes throw a big fit to try and get my way. My hope is that my brother will be forced to share (and maybe even get in trouble...just a little), but usually we both get in trouble, and Mommy just takes away the toy. I've really gotta up my cuteness to make that work better for me! Really, though, my bro' and I love each other sooo much and I just think he's the coolest. He gives me rides on my cool car all over the house, shares bathtime with me, gives me lots of love when I get owies and sneaks yummy food to me when Mom's not lookin' (shhh!).
I'm also kind of accident prone (Mommy says I inherit my “clumsiness” from her). :0( It seems like I'm always bumping this or falling over that. One day, I hit my head in the same place twice and ended up sporting a nice big bruise (just in time for my BFFs 1st birthday too). A few weeks later, I ran into a bench at the carousel and got a BIG bump and bruise on my head. And, just today, I fell head first onto a metal clothing rack at Target! I got a bloody (and very swollen) nose, but also lots of attention. The nice lady in the red shirt got me some milk, but all I wanted to do was sleep (which made Mommy nervous, so she called my doctor to make sure I would be okay...and I am).
I really love animals, pretty much all animals, but my favorites are doggies, kitties and cows. I'm learning the sounds animals make, but I like to be silly and “mooo” for all of them!
Reading has become a passion of mine, which seems to make Mama really happy. I love to read all my books (and Z's too) over and over (sometimes, I just want Mom to read to me all day)! Luckily, Mommy reads a few books at every nap and bedtime, and that makes me very happy. My favorite books right now are, “The Nose Book,” “Night, Night, Little Pookie” counting books and any of the Usborne, “That's Not My _____”
The newest development to make me happy is...Spring! I really don't know what it is exactly, but I do know the sun is out more, it's not as cold, and there are pretty flowers everywhere! Mommy takes us for walks, to the park and to have lunch with Daddy more now too...yippee!
Well, I think that just about catches you up on me! I promise to try to write more diary entries and keep you updated on what's goin' on. :0)


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