Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Countdown: Tulle Wreath

So, I know these have been all over webland recently, but maybe, just maybe, there's one person out there who hasn't seen these yet.

I decided to make a Valentines wreath, because tulle (which I loo-huuv, by the way!) just seems so pretty, and romantic and perfect for Valentine's day!

Most of these wreaths I had seen just used the one color of tulle, but then I saw this one at one of my favorite blogs, Flamingo Toes, and (even though it was a Halloween wreath) just knew I had to make a pretty multi-colored one for V Day.

You will need:
Wreath form-I bought mine at Dollar Tree (was hoping for the foam kind, but they only had these tacky wicker ones...thank goodness I was covering it!)
Tulle-About five yards each color for a regular sized wreath (Luckily for me, my Wal-Mart is eliminating their fabric department, so I scored the tulle for 50% off...wa-hoo! )
Ribbon for hanging wreath

Heart shape to hang inside or glue to outside of wreath (I kind of threw mine together and just grabbed some leftover scrapbook paper, glued it onto the back of a piece of cardboard and added some chipboard letters)
Letters for message inside heart (Cricut, chipboard, foam, etc)

Cut your tulle into 10” pieces
*And, here is my disclaimer: cut all your tulle at once. I happen to have little patience and was getting bored cutting tulle, so ditched it and went to work tying it on. Then I had to go back and cut more tulle. It was annoying and extra time-consuming, so try to put aside your ADD and just do it all at once. ;o)
Tie end of tulle onto wreath form, using a square double knot.
Make sure to periodically squish the ends together, so you won't see the wreath showing through.
Tie ribbon to top of wreath for hanging and attach your heart to inside of wreath.
*I realize didn't take pictures of the process, because I made this very spur-of-the-moment while the hubby and I were watching our nightly (the kids have finally gone to sleep!) TV. But, trust me; it really is simple, simple to put together!

That's it! It's super-duper easy and makes a really pretty decoration for your front door, entry way, fridge, etc. Of course, you can make this to suit any holiday/season or you could just make a new one for every occasion! ;o)

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  1. Peggy I love your wreath!! Is that plaid tulle??? It's fantastic!!
    I think it turned out great - and thanks so much for the sweet link!

  2. Thanks, Beverly!
    Nope, just regular tulle; I just alternated purple and pink. :0)


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