Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother’s Day

Well, Mother’s Day this year started out a little rough…
We had decided to go out for breakfast/brunch to the same place we went last year. The restaurant, Busick Court, is a local favorite and well-known for spectacular food at low prices (we even had our rehearsal dinner there years ago). Because it is such a local favorite, it gets very crowded, especially on big days, like Mother’s Day. We anticipated a long wait, but were fine with that.
Once we got there, Colin put us on the list, and we waited. We waited, and waited…and waited some more. Colin eventually checked (after about 45 minutes) and was told there were only a couple tables available to seat a large group like us (we had my parents & sis, Colin’s mom & my grandma). We patiently went back to waiting, until over an hour had passed and groups just a little smaller than ours were being seated! So, we decided to give up on the idea of eating there and move on.
By this point, we were all starving. Z especially was very hungry and cranky, so we had to work fast to find an alternative. We ended up at another local restaurant, Best Little Roadhouse and had an awesome brunch! They have a miniature golf course attached to the restaurant, so we decided to play a little. We all had a blast and will definitely return!
Once we got back home, the kids’ presented me with a card and my gift—Print Shop 23 Deluxe. Woo-hoo!! Then…I got to take a nap, while Colin took care of the kids (and did dishes!)!
Colin even made dinner; awesome grilled chicken terriyaki...YUMM!
So, it turned out to be a great day! Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome Moms in my life!! :0)

Me with Z on the golf course (cannot believe how BIG he is now!)

Look at my handsome little man!

Z working on a putt through a tunnel.

Me with my pretty little lady

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