Saturday, May 2, 2009

And, she's over!

Miss Avalee has been working on trying to roll over for a few weeks now, and tonight she finally did it!
She was laying on the floor at my parents, when my dad alerted all of us that she was working on it. Usually she gets almost there then flips back, yells and tries it over and over until she tires out. But this time, she went all the way! Of course, we all started cheering and clapping, which made Babycakes even more excited. She propped herself up, started looking all around, and was clearly quite pleased with herself. And, it was the first time she was on her tummy that she didn't whine. Usually she hates tummy time, but I guess since she got herself there this time, it was different. ;0)
About two minutes later, I had her on my lap, and she stayed siting up unsupported!
I think she might as well just start walking...heck I might even just give her the car keys so she can get a head start on driving.

So proud of herself!

1 comment:

  1. Please don't give her the car keys...we'll never see her again. Of course she wont start walking, she'll go straight to running.


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