Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yay for warm weather & playdates… Boo for viruses & infections!

The weather last week was gorgeous and perfect for letting crazed, stir-crazy kids out of the house!
We had all been suffering from a yucky virus, and had used up most of the toilet paper in the house (I always think I’ll buy Kleenex when we’re sick, then feel too sick to actually go to the store to buy some!) on tiny snotty noses (that ironically produced lots of goopy snot). Colin, Avalee and I were nearing the end, when it hit Z.
We already had plans for the week, including a couple playdates and were certainly not going to let the virus stop our fun! Wednesday we met up with Liz and Madi (and Liz’s cutie-pie niece, Issy) at Liz’s house. Z had woken up earlier than usual that morning, so I wasn’t too surprised when he fell asleep on the way there. I carried him in and laid him on the couch and he napped away. When we decided to go get lunch, I woke him up and he was awake on the way to the restaurant. Once we got there, he got kind of whiny and laid his head in my lap, and went back. to. sleep! He seemed okay later that evening, and I chalked it up to the virus.
The next day we headed to the park for yet another playdate, with my friend Karen and her little girl Elise. Z seemed fine and was even his usual ornery self. ;0) When we left, it was onto Grandma and Grandpa’s, because I was going to an art show at Mercedes’ school with my mom later (side note: Mercedes won an honorable mention for a screen print she did!). Colin rode his bike over from work to hang out with the kids, while Mom and I were gone. When we got back, Z was not doing well. He was cranky, whiny and refused to eat anything. Then he started complaining his ear hurt, and I knew what that meant…ear infection! Almost on cue, Avalee started tugging at her ear too. Yikes!
I called their pediatrician’s office first thing Friday morning and they got both kids in, within 20 minutes (LOVE them!). The doc confirmed both kids had ear infections, and Avalee actually had a double! So, off we went to Target for Amoxicillin prescriptions (and a promised Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup candy bar for Z from Grandma).
Z started feeling better almost immediately, but poor Avalee was/is having a harder time getting over it. We are now on Day 6 of antibiotics, so hopefully this will all be over soon!
I hope we’ll all be done with sickness for awhile, especially since spring is here now! Maybe I should go stock up on Kleenex now anyway…just in case.

*I didn’t get any pics during playdates, because frankly I had my hands full with snotty noses, sleepy toddlers and whiny kiddos… But, I promise some super-duper cute pics on the next post (comin’ soon)!!

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