Monday, November 17, 2008

36 Weeks

It’s hard to believe we’re already this far along. I keep thinking back to when we found out we were pregnant, and I think it doesn’t seem so long ago, but it was March!
The months, weeks (and soon enough days) are just flying by. It would be nice for time to stand still, but on the other hand I’m very excited to meet my little girl.
It’s been a very busy pregnancy for me, but I have loved all of it. From outings with Z to holidays, football games, birthdays and showers, it seems like I’m always going.
We are working on the nursery now, but it’s already painted and Colin put the crib up this weekend. Now, we just need to put up the border (which we don’t even have yet…any takers? ;0)) and get everything put away.
Still, I think most of the busyness is over now, so I’m taking some time to just catch my breath. Thanksgiving is the next big holiday, but I’m going to let everyone else do most of the work. ;0)
After that it’s the home stretch! Only three and a half weeks to go. :0)

Here are some pictures of Z 'helping' paint the nursery, and the latest pregnancy/belly pics. :0)

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