Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the moms who instinctively start swaying whenever they're holding a child (any child), who can balance several plates at once in a busy buffet line, who know that certain cough and cup their hands under a vomiting child's mouth, who can command the back seat of a mini van or SUV with the adjustment of the mirror and a backseat arm sweep, who can pick out their child's voice, laugh or scream in a blind lineup but still turn when they hear "MOM!" in a crowded grocery or department store. 

To every mom who has cried and worried about their child going to school for the first time, going to their first 'drop-off' birthday party, sleepover, or field trip.

To every mom who has kissed imaginary boo-boos, hugged a stuffed animal or made monkey faces at the zoo.

To every mom who has sung Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every night at bedtime for two years, or read Go Dog Go 23 consecutive times or been a choo-choo train, airplane or garbage truck. 

To every mom who has spent entire meal times picking lettuce off tacos, peppers off pizza or onions out of onion rings; who has fed a child macaroni and cheese for lunch and dinner every day for three days straight.

To every mom who has welcomed a sick child into their bed, adjusted their cold washcloth, taken their temperature every 30 minutes; who have fed popsicles at 2AM and put them in  a cold bath at 4AM.

To every mom who has cried when their child is hurt or sick or scared or sad or lonely and wished they could switch places. 

To every mom who has cheered for her child at baseball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, track until her throat is sore; who is prouder than they are to see them compete, finish, beat a personal record or just try their absolute hardest.

To every mom who loves her child unconditionally even after a tantrum, meltdown; even after they have broken your favorite vase or poured grape juice all over the couch or flushed your keys down the toilet.

To every mom who can't wait for the get-out-of-school hug; who beams inside when their child grabs their hand for no reason; whose heart still melts when they hear "Mom, I love you" no matter what age their child is...

Happy Mother's Day!
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