Friday, July 24, 2009

Anyone reading this...?

I'm just curious if anyone actually reads these blogs? I've heard a few people talk about something I wrote on here, so I know some people must be reading some of them some of the time.
No, I'm not going to throw a diva-like fit and threaten to shut the whole thing down if you don't comment and/or 'follow me.' ;0) The truth is I've always enjoyed writing and was even going to be a writer of some kind when I 'grew up.' I like relating stories of life with my happy, crazy, fun-to-be-with family.
But...I'm not sure they're getting read and would be very happy to know they are. It's not like I strive to be one of those bloggers (who also write about their quirky, genius, better (way better) then average kids) who have hundreds of comments and lots of followers. But, c'mon, how can you not want to comment about how the girl just ate squash for the first time or how the boy drew some awesome pictures??
So, if you want to make day--and keep in mind, as you're reading this I'm probably doing any (or all) of the following:
*Rescuing a 7 month old who was abandoned by Mommy (even Mommies need to have two minutes to use the potty) & is crying/screaming/crying & screaming
*Picking food out of hair/wiping food off body parts, walls, ceiling...
*On my hands & knees in the kitchen cleaning up ketchup that "accidentally" spilled there
*Explaining to a three year old why jelly beans are not lunch then later pleading, begging & threatening said three year old to just eat the PB&J Mommy toiled over
*Stain treating grass stains off pants, peas off bibs and blueberries off the seat of my pants (don't ask)
--Please leave me a comment or follow me (On here, not in person. That would be creepy.) It will make my day. Really. It will.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An evening with Zavion...

So, the other night we were going through an all-too common struggle with trying to get Z to sleep.
“Mom, I need a snack.” “Now I'm thirsty.” “I need to go potty!” "Dad, my bed is not soft enough”...
After almost two hours of this (yup, the boy has his Mama's willpower & Dad's-uh-sleep 'issues.'), he called Colin into his room.
Z had been drawing on his easel (which has a chalkboard on one side) and told Colin that he had drawn a picture of himself. Colin called me in to look at it, and instinctively I grabbed the camera.
Well, it turned out Z had drawn himself; he drew a head with eyes, a nose, mouth and even a line that went to the newly acquired bump on his head (after a fall in Grandma's van). We were so amazed at our smart little guy! And, it got even better... He told us he was going to draw a picture of Daddy next (we decided to extend bedtime a bit, to marvel at his talent!) and after carefully erasing everything from the board (he's also got Mommy's-umm-tendency to be 'particular'), got to work. He drew Colin's head much bigger than his own and gave him a big nose and small eyes, just like Colin has. ;0) Then he drew me; he gave me a smaller head and added two long lines from the bottom--”Because you have long legs, Mom.” Then, he wanted to know if we had green chalk. When I asked why, he matter-of-factly replied; “because you have green eyes.” Aww, what three year old knows the color of his mom's eyes?! Then he came up to me and took my head in his hands, quietly studying my face. He went back and added some dots to the eyes and said, “You have some yellow in your eyes, Mom.” Colin agreed, saying astonished, “He's right. You do!”
Wow, what a kid and what an experience for us! He is such a smart guy and I truly believe he'll be able to do anything he sets his mind to. It's such a privilege to be his parents! :0)

Posing with his 'likeness'

He had to draw a second picture of himself, so he could add hair. LOL!

His picture of Dad (he decided Dad needed to be an alien, so he gave him lots of legs).

Long-legged Mommy (and, notice I'm the only one that gets a smile!)

Studying the picture of Mommy, after adding yellow to the eyes, to make sure it's "done."

And, this one... He said this is a picture of me after he took some of my money and lost it (which actually happened). "Mommy has mad eyes & a sad mouth."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

We had a great Fourth of July! My parents came over for a BBQ, and we gnashed on hotdogs, hamburgers, baked beans and more. Then it was the waiting game for darkness, so we could start the fireworks. Z, of course wasn't into patience and kept trying to escape outside.
Once dusk started to fall, we set up our chairs in the driveway, and pulled out our giant sack of explosives. We also prepared for the big 'show' that is put on by various neighbors in directions all around us. Of course, they have the good stuff-ie: illegal fireworks-and put our little fountains emitting purple sparks to shame.
And, Mr. Z was pretty much only interested in Morning Glories (the new sparklers). Luckily we had bought a bunch and so had my mom, so we were set all night. We tried interesting him in the big booming (again, illegal) fireworks show going on around us, but he could bot be swayed from the little sticks of lights and sparks that he got to hold...all by himself. And, Avalee lasted about two minutes into the festivities when she conked out. She spent the remainder of the evening sleeping on my dad, which made him very happy, of course.
We stayed out much later than we probably should have, but it was so much fun! After both kids were in bed, and we were going to sleep, we could still hear fireworks going off all around.

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