Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Campout-2010!

So, we just got back from another fabulous family campout here in Oregon, at Fishermen's Bend! You might remember last year's post about the campout (and how stinkin' HOT it was).
We, of course, all had an awesome time! We got to go rafting, play on the playground, go for bike rides, nature walks, and of course lots of fun family time! Nighttime meant sitting around the campfire visting with family, telling stories (and some pretty bad jokes!) and eating way too many s'mores.
And, guess what? We packed up for camping in our new (to us) GMC Yukon. We have been wanting an SUV for awhile now, and with a trip to Disneyland fast approaching (October...yippee!!), we decided it was time. I have to say it was SO much easier to pack up with this bad boy and I'm already loving it!
So, here's some (ok, probably way too many) camping photos for your enjoyment...

Z & A sharing a swing

Miss Avalee getting the bedtime routine she is accustomed to

Z chillin' by the campfire

Z & his cousin Aly playing in the river

Zavion & Avalee heading out for a nature walk

Zavion checking the map

"Look at the rocks I found, Mommy!"

The four of us on the river

Me swinging with the girls (Avalee & Madi)

Avalee & her bff Madi

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