Sunday, July 1, 2012

School's Out For The Summer!

Well, we did it! We made it through Kindergarten!
I know you're thinking, 'Wait you weren't in Kindergarten!' but sometimes I felt like I was in the trenches right there alongside my kiddo. Haha!
Last week the Kindergarten kids had a wonderful little program that they had been working on for a couple months. It was just too adorable and so much fun!
Always the performer, ha!
You think he's a little bored? ;o)
Family pic with our little Kindergarten grad!
Z with his two teachers

 I have to say, I am so proud of my big guy for all he accomplished in this school year. While he went in already being able to read and write some, I was amazed that he was reading entire books by the end of the school year. Very cool! And, while we still have a journey ahead of us on this one, he did learn some valuable lessons on time management and staying on task.

Z & his best bud, Samuel in the last day
For me, one of the biggest things I was proud of was the friendships he made and the way he treated others in general. 

I was especially proud of how he was friend to all; it didn't matter if it was a girl or guy, the quiet kid that didn't talk much or another crazy, loud kiddo (like himself!). I saw so many other kiddos stick to their little groups (completely understandable at that age and limited comfort level) but Zavion just put himself out there to everyone. It really made my heart smile!
I also had to think for myself at the end of the year; 'Did I accomplish what I wanted?' I knew before I even had kids that I wanted to be involved in school like my mom was with me and my siblings. I wasn't sure to what extent and if I wanted to jump in there starting so early. But, I decided to volunteer in the classroom weekly (thanks to Grandma for taking my girly on those days!) and was so glad I did! Not only was it a treat to get to see my boy in this new environment, but it also gave me the opportunity to get to know his classmates and teachers. But, really, I was just so excited to get to help all those wonderful kiddos learn to read! I thought volunteering in the classroom meant cutting things, filing, sharpening pencils (which I did as well)...that kind of thing. I had no idea I would get to work with all the kids one-on-one every week helping them learn their letters, sounds and finally reading books. It was really something special and I know I will always remember those little faces lighting up when they realized they already knew that letter or word, or once they finished a book. Priceless!
I also had the amazing pleasure of getting to help with each and every classroom party and go on all the fieldtrips. It was so much fun helping kids pick out pumpkins, reading Valentine's to them and even running a 'station' on field day.
My hubby and I also had the opportunity to go to the Parent Teacher Conference meetings, and it was from that that I ended up as the new Volunteer Coordinator. I hadn't expected or planned on getting quite that involved so early in my kiddo's schooling, but with an empty position and nobody scrambling to fill it, I stepped in. I admit, I am a little nervous but excited too.
So, now Summer looms close and first grade is on the distant horizon. I know the next school year will be full of lots of wonderful things and looking forward to all the wonderful possibilities it holds! :o)

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