Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Fun!

Wow, it seems like the months are just flying by around here! I could have sworn we just celebrated Christmas, but here we are in June already!

So, May was an extremely busy month for us!

We signed Zavion up for t-ball this year, so two to three days a week were dedicated to that all month. It took some adjusting, but we all got into a pretty good routine quickly (and it gave me a chance to start up our Crockpot meals again...yay!). And, how did the boy like t-ball? He enjoyed the team aspect of it, and loved being cheered for. And, of course he was very proud of himself when he hit the ball far or made a good stop. But, it was a little slow for him and he did get bored pretty quickly. He has a brain a lot like his mama's, and it doesn't ever really turn off. He's constantly thinking, planning, calculating and a lot of the game is spent just waiting...waiting to hit, waiting to run, waiting for a ball to come your way. He does seem to be en enjoying it more and more, and is improving everyday too. I'd love to see him stick with it, but of course would never push him.

Running to first...Look at his proud little face!

Coming into home plate & getting five from his coach.

Getting a fist bump from his coach after an important play.

May was also the month for the Awesome 3000; a local race sponsored by the school district. Kids in all grades come out to run against each other, and while times are recorded, everyone receives a medal for finishing. I ran in it every year I was a kid, and I think it was the beginning of my love of running when I was younger. When I saw that Z was old enough to run this year (even though he's not yet in kindergarten) I was pretty excited. I asked him about doing it, not sure the reaction I would get, and he was so excited! Then, when I went to pick up his packet, I was told a parent had to run with him. This was the day before the race. Colin was in the throes of a nasty cold and I had pulled my neck pretty badly. But, I decided to suck it up, and agreed to do the run with him. I decided we should 'practice' when we got home from getting our packet (didn't want to embarrass my boy, haha), even though we would only be running 300 meters (basically around the track). However, rain was in the forecast for the morning of the race, and Z doesn't do well in situations he can't control. So, control-freak that I am, I told him we needed to practice running in the rain, so we'd be prepared for the race the next day. And, guess what? No rain! In fact, it was pretty clear and even a little sun poked through!
And, we did pretty well, despite Z getting mowed over by a very overzealous Mommy, who seemed very intent on getting her and her kid to the front of the pack. :o/ But, my guy didn't sweat it; he just picked himself up and ran even harder to make up for lost time! And, no whining, crying or complaining from him like many of the other kiddos his age were prone too. I was just so proud of how he handled himself! And, he immediately asked when he could do it again! He might just be a runner like Mommy!

Z and Mommy getting ready for our run.

Proud boy with his medal!

We also decided to attend The Ag Fest at our local fairgrounds. Living in the state's capitol means easy access to the fairgrounds and all the fairs and things held there. We had never been to the Ag Fest before, so weren't really sure what to expect, but it seemed like a good activity for the day. And, the weather was perfect too (which is rare in May in Oregon). The kiddos got to ride horsies (Avalee was in heaven!), pet lots of adorable animals, and, of course, eat a delicious ice cream cone. They also came away with a bunch of plants they got to plant themselves for free. It was a fun day!

I know, she looks thrilled, right? She did love riding "her" horsie, despite her under-enthusiastic expression here!

Yep, in case you were wondering, Zavion is undercover here!

Miss Avalee planting away here!

And, of course Mother's Day! My awesome family let me sleep in, then showered me with gifts; a new Kindle from the hubby and candy from the kids. Wonderful! And, I was served not one, but two breakfast in bed! Zavion presented me with an apple and banana, complete with a bow and candle (leftover from Grandma's birthday a few days earlier) and Colin brought me my favorite Jack In the Box breakfast sandwich. Everyone came over and we had a nice BBQ and some yummy pie! It was a super-fun day with all my favorite people!

My little guy presented me with a lovely breakfast!

The best pic I could get of my with my kiddos, lol!

And, for one of our last adventures in May (and Spring!) we took a trip back to Ankeny Hill Wildlife Refuge (remember last year when I blogged about this place). We didn't see much wildlife, but it was the perfect day to get out and explore! The highlight of our hike was stumbling across a little waterfall tucked way back behind some out of the way trails, and seeing a flyover of two fighter jets on the way out (it was Memorial Day).

One of our 'wildlife' spottings; giant slug! ;o)

The kids checking out a wildflower. Love the curiosity on their little faces!

They decided to just plop down in this field for snacks...and conversation. Love these two! :o)

Such a fun, and busy month and I look forward to Summer and more fun times ahead!
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