Friday, February 19, 2010

Conversations with Zavion...

My boy is growing up and has just been full of the most amazing questions, observations and of course meaningful conversations. Here a just a few of the questions he has asked me or Colin recently...

“Who made space?”

“Why are there so many colors in the world?”

“Why are we made of skin?”

“How does the Earth make things?”

Smart kid, right? I'm just so proud of my little thinker and would like to think all the reading we've done (from pre-birth on!) has been a bit of an influence. ;0)


Here are some of my favorite recent conversations...

Z: Mom, are batteries made of glass?
M: Uh, no, they're not.
Z: *sigh* I wish they were.

Colin had dropped something and said, “Great job Colin.”
Z: (very earnestly) Good job, Dad!
C: I was being sarcastic.
Z: Ohh. Mom is sarcastic sometimes...when she's mad.

I put on my new sweater and asked Z how I looked..
Z: Oh, oh, oh! *giggling ensued*
M: What...?
Z: You just look!
M: Aww, thanks buddy!
Z: Oh my gosh, I just don't want you to return it...It's SO awesome!

Z came out in a Jason-like Halloween mask...
C: Oh my gosh, what did you do with my son?
Z: I ATE him!
M: What?? Why would you eat a little boy?!
Z: Because, they're tastier than adults!
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