Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So, our Superbowl celebration turned out great, despite a bumpy start...
Actually, it started on Saturday evening, when Colin came home from watching a UFC fight (really don't understand the appeal of this. But to each his own, I guess...) at a buddy's house. He was complaining of not feeling well, but since he hadn't eaten all night, thought that might be the cause. Well, after a nice salad, he didn't feel any better...than actually started feeling worse. When I went to sleep, he was feeling nauseous and apparently spent the next few hours in and out of the bathroom. Poor guy! The next morning, he wasn't feeling any better...So, this left me to take care of the kiddos, finish cleaning and make all the food by myself. And, I'm still sick myself with, well, whatever the heck it is I have (that makes me cough so hard my face turns purple and I just about pass out), so I'm not going full-speed myself. UGH! And, of course, I decided I was going to make a whole yummy spread of food; artichoke-spinach dip (first time making this too), potato skins, bacon-wrapped Lil' Smokies (a favorite around here!), wings, caramel corn, cookies and PB pie. Yeah, just a little daunting without Colin's help; So I had to cut out the pie and cookies and used pre-made wings, but am proud to say everything got done (luckily, my mom came over early to help out!). And, it all turned out way yummy too! Yay!
And, of course there was a game to watch too...LOL. As you know, from my previous posts, we are a football family, so the Superbowl is a fun event for us. C and I weren't really rooting for either team, since we don't have an affiliation with either. I really like Peyton Manning (who doesn't?!), but also liked the 'Cinderella' story of the Saints. So, we cheered, let out some “ohhs” and grimaced when poor Peyton threw 'the' interception. But, overall, it was some great football and turned out to be a great game. And, I have to say when the Saints won, it was a great moment to see the team, fans and pretty much the entire city of New Orleans celebrate. :0)

Poor Colin is trying to hold it together here! ;0)

Spinach-artichoke dip...mmm!

Yummy potato skins!

Homemade caramel corn...so addictive!

Wings & Lil' Smokies

Halftime fun (yay for a playground acrross the street & grandma to take you over while missing the commercials!)

A's first time in the wagon...she loved it!

And, of course, cap the day off with strawberry margaritas!

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  1. We recorded the game so Grandma will get to see all the commercials.


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