Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, you think you had a bad Monday?!

Did this happen to you??

So...I was trying to get dinner (chicken fajita burritos and cilantro lime rice) done at a reasonable time, and thought I would get everything prepared. I was getting ready to boil water for rice, so decided I would measure out the rice and have it ready to put in as soon as the water started boiling. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for having everything under control...but that didn't last long.
I turned on the burner to boil the water, and set the measuring cup (my awesome 4c Pyrex measuring cup I have used almost daily since my brother gave it to me for Christmas several years ago) on the cooktop. Do you see where I'm going with do, don't ya? So, after several minutes, I smell something burning and the measuring cup catches my eye, because it is bright red on the bottom! Turns out I had not only turned on the wrong burner, but had inadvertently set the measuring cup directly on the burner I did turn on. I rushed over to try to move it just as it blew up, sending shards of glass and hot rice everywhere! Avalee was standing near me in the kitchen and was stunned at first, than let out with some very appropriate screams. She was also surrounded by shards of glass. Of course, the measuring cup continued to melt and the rice continued to burn, so I knew it had to be moved quickly. Luckily my Orca was right there so between that and a spatula, I was able to scoop up the majority of the mess rather quickly and relocate it. I figured Avalee would want to move at some point and I wanted her out of the kitchen. Once I realized the main danger was controlled (I didn't want more glass to start shooting around the room) I scooped Avalee up and deposited her in the other room. Meanwhile, Z had caught on to what was happening, and, let me tell you, this is not the guy you want in an emergency. He tends to panic and run around in circles, all the while yelling for some one to “fix it, fix it!!” So, true to character he starts screaming and pointing at the stove. I'm still trying to calm A down, and calmly tell him it will be okay. He's wailing, “nooo, Mom...look, LOOK!” I tell him I know all about it and it will be okay, when he starts running around yelling, “Fire, F.I.R.E!!” I turn to look and, sure enough, the few particles left on the burner had ignited and now flames were dancing across the cooktop. I put A down and headed back into the kitchen to contain the new situation (I couldn't remember what to use...baking soda, water...?? ). Now both kids are screaming and crying and the whole house smells like a bowling alley (coincidentally burned glass and rice smell a lot like cigarette smoke). Thankfully Colin came in right then and got Avalee calmed down. I was explaining what happened, when something suddenly hit me; I had put molten glass on the laminate counter top! I ran over to check, and sure enough there was a big burn mark on the counter. The laminate was actually flaking away in layers, and it was clear the counter was done for. This was the point I started to lose it; the reality of it all set it and I was pretty upset. Colin tried making me feel better, but it wasn't working, not until Z came over, and said, “Mommy, it's ok. We can get another measuring cup. Don't be sad.” So, I hugged my sweet boy, let it go and finished making dinner. I figured there really wasn't anything I could do right away anyway and Z was right; the measuring cup (and even that piece of counter...luckily it was the small piece) could be replaced. And, the really important thing is that nobody was hurt.

What's left of my measuring cup...

But, then...

Of, course, I decided a margarita was in order after all that had happened. Then after I cleaned up the whole mess from earlier, I decided I deserved another margarita. I noticed some salt in the bottom of my glass, so decided to shake it out in the sink...while looking the other direction. The next thing I know...crash! Apparently, I had hit the glass on the sink and, of course, cracked it.
So, that was my Monday. I think I'll just try to skip next Monday.


  1. Oh no. I have noticed I have become more forgetful since kids...I burned up our tea pot the other day. I the spout was up, and i kept thinking to myself "what is that noise?" Glad everyone is OK...poor measuring cup. You definitely deserved a margarita!

  2. You'll have to ask your brother for another cup

  3. Oh dear, it's hard not to feel upset when these things happen. Glad nobody was hurt!

  4. Bless your heart! I have done something similar...sigh!

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