Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Change Of Seasons...

So, I know I've been a little slacky (I know that's totally not a word, but I like to add an “y” sound to the end of things, to make it sound more fun) with the bloggin' lately. I wish I could say I have a really awesome excuse, like I was abducted by aliens or I was discovered by someone important and have been on the road doing my 'gig' (not sure what I was discovered for, but that's beside the point) or I decided to join a nunnery (but was of course kicked out, because of that whole 'vow of silence' thing). But, nope, I was just lazy and actually, a bit busy doing normal stuff. So, what have we been up to the last month? Well, we got a surprise visit from my little brother and his girlfriend who came up from LA. We spent a fun few days hanging out with them; going to the state fair, having some nice family meals and some late night video game playing (okay, so the last one was just the four of us). A great time was had by all!
Then, we finished up Summer with a fun trip to the coast and, like I said some time at the Oregon State Fair. I can't believe Summer is already over, but here we are about three weeks into Fall.
The first week of Fall here was actually just gorgeous, with temps in the 80s, so it was hard to get into the mindset of Fall. But, although Summer is by far, my favorite season there are lots of things I love about Fall. The crisp, clean air, beautiful colorful leaves, the start of football season (go Ducks!) and of course my two favorite guys' birthdays.
In fact, I usually think of the end of Summer as the end of all the crazy busyness for awhile. Really though, Fall is just as busy with football weekends, birthdays (there are only 11 days between Colin's and Zavion's birthday) and holidays. And, of course as the crazy party planner that I am, I usually spend most of September and October working on Zavion's birthday party.
This year, it's even more hectic because we are planning our trip to Disneyland...leaving next weekend!We will be there on Zavion's fifth birthday, and are all (Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt CC are coming too) so very excited!
So, I'm still planning on that 'Week of Zavion' I promised you in my previous post so stay tuned for that! And, of course be on the lookout for post Disneyland posts too. :o)
Here are a few pics of what we've been up to...

A very happy Z with Uncle & Aunt Lindsey :)

Avalee getting in some special bonding time with Uncle

Aunt Lindsey & Z working on the science kit they gave him

John & Colin in a late night Mario Kart battle

Avalee & Zavion on a ride at the state fair (she was SO happy to get to ride some rides!)

Avalee & Z on the canoe ride. They loved this one so much they ended up riding 3 times!

My little daredevil ;o)

Daddy & Z roast some marshmallows on the Oregon coast

Avalee with her favorite guy at her favorite place :)

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  1. Well we're back from Disneyland and I have to say it was a very fun time. And to make it even better we got to visit with John and Lindsey


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