Monday, October 18, 2010

A Week of Zavion: How Z Came To Be...

So, I promised you a 'Week of Zavion” in honor of his upcoming fifth birthday. I'm kicking it off with the story of how we discovered we were pregnant with him, and the pregnancy in general...

Part I:
So, it all started with a case of food poisoning. Colin and I were both hit pretty hard with it, and I had been out of work for a few days. Colin was feeling better, and I was still, well, taking up residence on the bathroom floor. Colin suggested taking a pregnancy test, and I just blew him off, reminding him that I had a much weaker immune system than he.
On the fourth night, I was feeling much better, so Colin suggested we go get pizza for dinner. We headed over to Paddingtons Pizza, a really yummy pizza parlor a couple blocks away. After just a couple bites of my pizza, I realized I was still not feeling so hot. Colin said that was it and we were going to get a pregnancy test at the store. I didn't argue this time, because even I was thinking in the back of my mind that it just didn't make sense that food poisoning would be sticking around so long.
So, we headed across the street to WalMart and Colin decided to run in for the test. “Grab me some crackers!” I called out after him.
Pregnancy test in hand, we headed back home. I wondered if I should take it right then, and Colin answered we a resounding, “yes!” Haha. So, the plan was I would pee on the little stick but then wait for Colin so we could read it together. So, I did the first part, then set the stick down so it could do it's thing. Almost immediately I couldn't help noticing that it started changing , and try as I might to not look I just couldn't help take a peek. I saw two of the most pink, bold lines staring up at me. I could barely contain my excitement enough to even wash my hands and was trying so hard not to let out squeals. I couldn't, however, keep the crazy grin off of my face I I left the bathroom.
I could tell Colin knew by the look on my face, but I still managed to get out, “Hey, Daddy” Then we both squealed and jumped around and hugged. Colin, of course, had to say, “I told you so!” but it was a good time for him ti be right. :o) Then, he immediately went into 'Super-Hubby' mode and asked what I needed. Suddenly I felt great, no nausea! I told him he could get me a candy bar, then suggested another pregnancy test, just to be sure. He came back with a couple different candy bars, and a double-pack pregnancy test. I decided to take both pregnancy tests (can you say paranoid??) while Colin made some virgin margaritas and kettle corn. Of course, both tests came out just as positive as the first, and I was satisfied it was all for real!

Part 2:
After anxiously awaiting a pregnancy test at the doctor, it was confirmed I was seven weeks pregnant. Colin went with me to the appointment and we were able to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time! We were excited and overwhelmed with joy. We decided to wait to share the news with everyone though, until we got to 11 weeks in the pregnancy. My OB/GYN told us that after that point in the pregnancy, anything that would have gone would have already happened. So, paranoid as we (more me) were, we decided waiting to tell grandparents (and aunts and uncles) that their first grandchild was on the way.
At times, it seemed like those four weeks were flying by and at other times it was torture not telling anyone. There were so many occasions where it would have been more than appropriate to tell my mom or my best friend. Near the end of the 11 weeks, we ended up at an impromptu get-together with our best friends. These get-togethers usually involved alcohol, and sure enough when the adult beverages came out, we had no choice. I tried discreetly saying I couldn't drink right then, but my best friend knows me too well and figured it out immediately. After some screaming and hugging, it felt so good to finally have someone else who knew!
We wanted to do something special to tell the grandparents, aunts and uncles. Everyone had been waiting for awhile for us to have a baby, so we wanted to let them know in a big way.
We decided we would have them over for dinner and after dinner we would serve them customized fortune cookies. Colin and I worked all day on making (homemade) fortune cookies and adding our own fortunes. So, Colin's parents and my parents plus my sister and brother came over and after dinner we served the dessert. We told them it was a custom that everyone had to open their cookies at once (and to throw them off, even had our own cookies that we added fortunes for each other). The fortunes were customized for each person; The grandparents said, “I see diaper changes in your future”, “I see babysitting in your future”, my siblings said, “If you play your cards right, you could be the favorite uncle” and “Better brush up on your nursery rhymes.” On the back, the lucky numbers was the due date. Everyone seemed to read their fortunes a few times, and it was my brother who seemed to figure it out first. Then, it was a cacophony of “Are you...??” “Really” and of course more hugging.

So, that's how it all started. I am going to try very hard to get some more posts up here for the rest of the week. We are on vacation right now, so it's a little difficult to squeeze blogging time in between trips to Disneyland, but I'm going to try! :o)

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  1. I'm still a little bummed that your friends knew before your parents


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