Friday, December 23, 2011

Avalee Turns Three!

It's hard for me to believe, but my baby girl is now three. For some reason, three seems like that age where they're really growing up; they're definitely not a baby anymore and are moving past toddlerhood. And, I'm not sure why, but this birthday seemed to just sneak up on me too. Maybe it's because she is my baby or because I know she is our last, but suddenly there I was faced with the fact that my Avalee was now a little girl.

Of course, to top it all off, she has really changed a lot recently and definitely seems to be much older now. She has always been so well spoken with a huge vocabulary (just like her big brother) to go along with it. But, now she's just talking all the time and about everything. It's amazing to hear the sentences she strings together. She is also singing up a storm, which again has been something she's always done, but now it's actual songs, hehe. I almost can't believe she's the same Avalee from a couple months ago! She also just has a different air about her, acting much more mature than she did even just last month (although, I assure you, those tantrums still pop up from time-to-time!).

She has always been the quieter of my two kiddos, and tends to be a bit more reserved. She really takes him time to ponder things, and it takes her a little longer to warm up to people too. She is still social, like her brother, though and really enjoys being around other people. She's always asking if her 'fwends' are coming over to play or if we're going somewhere to play with new friends.

But, my most favorite thing about my girl (and always has been) is her happy, shiny demeanor! She has always been so cheerful and upbeat and is almost never without a smile on her face. That attitude also seeps into her relationships with everyone, and she loves like no other. She will shower you with kisses, bestow hug after hug and tell you 'I Love You' (along with signing it, of course) a thousand times just before breakfast! She is so loving, caring and gracious and I'm always telling myself how lucky I am to get to be her mama!

So, this year for our new little three year old, Miss Avalee got not one, not two but three birthday celebrations! The first was technically my birthday celebration with family, but since our birthdays are only a day apart we kind of shared. ;o) She got to open a couple presents and help Mommy blow out the birthday candles (and, of course, have her share of cake and ice cream).

The next day was her birthday, and it started out with Mommy making her favorite breakfast; a waffle (in the shape of a birthday cake) and scrambled eggs. Of course, I added a candle for her to blow out too. She loved it!

After Daddy got home, we decided the four of us would go out for dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. The best part of dinner was when they came over to sing 'Feliz Cumpleanos' to Avalee they also put a huge sombrero on her head! She wasn't quite sure what to make of everything; the crazy hat, the song, everyone staring at her. Her reaction was just priceless!

After dinner, we went home to open presents (Avalee was presented with a cupcake, since we already had about half of my birthday cake left from the day before, haha) which included a couple special gifts from her big brother. :)

Do you like how big bro is 'helping' her blow out the candle? Ha!

Avalee was presented with a special present from Zavion' a crown he made himself and a veil of sorts (using leftover tulle from her party). :)

Of course, the rewards are aplenty with these two!

Miss A in her new birthday outfit from Zavion.

We had her big birthday party the next weekend (usually, I would have it on the closest Saturday to the actual birthday but that happened to fall on the same day as the big holiday parade this year) and invited all her friends and family. She requested a horsie party earlier in the year, so that was the theme. Thanks to my Cricut, Pinterest and my own imagination (and, if I may go so far as to say skill too!) I put together a horsie party catered to my little girl. I had a feeling she was going to enjoy it, just because she was so impressed with the little elements I had been working on over the last month or so. It sure made me happy that I was making her happy!

I will, as usual, add another post very soon with all the details of Miss Avalee's horsie party...stay tuned!


  1. I love the picture of Avalee in her crown and veil, her grin is absolutely adorable!

  2. Aw, thanks, Mama Bug! I love that pic too, but just cannot believe how BIG she looks in it! Yikes! ;o)

  3. Grandma said she loves the pictures of them hugging and also her outfit.
    I just love the picture of her in the veil Z made her. She looks so big and grown-up.
    Grandma couldn't post a comment herself, that's why I posted it for her.


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