Wednesday, July 9, 2008

90 degree heat+Preggo lady=one HOT Mama

It has been hot lately-really hot. In my younger days, I loved the heat. The hotter the better. But, in my older age, I've found I just can't deal with these 90 degree days. Of course, it's especially worse when you're pregnant. You're already uncomfortable in many ways, and the heat adds to the already queasy feeling. So, what's one to do? Go to DQ, of course! ;0) So, off the three of us headed to our local DQ to try and cool down. I opted for the new Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Blizzard. I love those cookies; so much so that I happily abandoned my usual Peanut Buster Parfait to try it out. We decided to get Z a child ice cream cone, and when he saw it, his eyes widened with anticipation. He rarely gets sweets, so this was most definitely a treat for him. We noted that he was going to get one big sugar buzz after just a few bites of his cone. Boy, were we right! After less than 1/4 of his cone, he started vibrating! He was yelling "I love ice cream" repeatedly and making crazy faces out the window. Of course, Colin and I couldn't help laughing at his crazy antics. We knew he would crash before too long and maybe even fall asleep on the way home. ;0)

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