Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bowling fun

Colin went back to work a couple weeks ago, and although Z has done pretty well, he still asks where Daddy is every morning. Usually I say he’s at work and Z moves on. But, last Tuesday he woke up crying and saying Daddy was supposed to play ball with him. I assumed he meant basketball, baseball or something of that nature. But, he told me Daddy was going to take him bowling at the bowling alley. Since, we haven’t gone bowling in over a year, I wasn’t sure where this was coming from! I asked Colin if he had told Z we would go bowling, but he hadn’t. Regardless, Z was set on going to the bowling alley. All week, it was all he could talk about. Colin and I decided we could use it as a reward incentive and told him if he was a good boy we would take him on the weekend. So, the first thing he said this morning was “can we go to the bowling place now??”
We got to the bowling alley and requested a lane with bumpers. They also had these nifty ramps that kids can use to help get the ball down the lane. Z loved using it and even got a spare on his first try!

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