Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pregnancy Perks

It’s funny how when you’re pregnant, everyone wants to take care of you. When you’re hungry, people offer you food (“what are you craving?”). When you’re tired they offer to help you do laundry, wash the dishes or vacuum. And they’re always telling you to rest all the time. I mean, as a pregnant person, you could request just about anything and someone would fulfill it (“you want a five tiered wedding cake filled with ganache and topped with chocolate covered strawberries? Sure, no problem!”).
I was just recently thinking how I miss those days. Don’t get me wrong; I was definitely ready for the baby to come. Between needing a five person team to help me up from the couch to getting heartburn from even water, it was time! But, after you have the baby, you’re not the important one anymore. You get maybe a week of people checking on you and asking how you are. After that, it’s all baby.
Now, I’ll say “gee I’m hungry” and get “you should make yourself a sandwich. By the way, how is the baby?” If I complain about getting only three hours sleep, it’s “you should really get to bed earlier and oh, how’s the baby sleeping?” or that I haven’t had time to vacuum my floors since…well, I don’t know, the response is “don’t worry about that. Just hold that baby.”
Aah, well yes, the baby is very important, but I just miss those days…
Well, I have to go make myself a sandwich so I can get to bed earlier tonight. :)

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