Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dinosaurs and Ice Cream

We decided to finally take Z to the Gilbert House Museum today. He received the membership as a birthday present, but we hadn’t had time to take him yet. We figured since Colin was still off work and kids were back in school, it would be a good time to go. We left Avalee with Grandma and Grandpa so all our attention could be on Z. It was pretty empty since it was a Tuesday afternoon, so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. He had such a great time playing with the bubbles, going down the dino slide and dressing up. :)

After we left, we headed over to Coldstone to meet with Liz. Her birthday was the week earlier and we were finally getting around to celebrate! She updated us on the baby situation, and it looks like we’ll be meeting Madisen on Friday (maybe sooner)! I’m just so excited to meet her!

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