Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beautiful day…

…For a trip to the coast, which is exactly what we did on Sunday! The weather had been gorgeous all week, capped off by a perfect sunny Sunday.
Our plan going into the weekend was to spend Sunday cleaning and organizing, but once I saw the blue skies, I had a different idea! I checked the weather forecast for the coast and it was supposed to get up to 69 (which is great, for the coast).
I knew I’d have to convince Colin though, since he’s not a big coast person and doesn’t take to spontaneity too well. ;) When he readily agreed, I put my plan into motion. We managed to get out of the house within the hour, which is a pretty amazing feat considering we needed to shower, dress kids, pack stuff for taking kids on a trip to the Oregon Coast (sunscreen, hats, coats, cool clothes, warm clothes, etc…LOL!).
We were on the road and pretty proud of ourselves too, until a voice from the backseat uttered the dreaded words, “I’m hungry!” Well, it just gave us an excuse to stop by Northwest favorite, Burgerville, for lunch. YUM!
We got on our way again, only to have Miss Avalee start whining, then crying, then screaming (luckily Z had fallen asleep by this point)! We had to make an emergency food stop for her too… in the casino parking lot. Once again, we were on our way; this time with two happy, well-fed and sleepy kiddos.
Z woke up as soon as we got to the coast and was so excited to see the ocean! We decided we wanted to find a beach that wasn’t so crowded, so drove a bit until we found the perfect spot! There weren’t many people and it was a beautiful beach, covered with logs and scattered with shells. We found our spot and got ourselves all set up to enjoy our afternoon.
Z immediately ran for the ocean, yelling, “water, water, water!” Of course, he kept getting sidetracked by all the shells he found along the way. And, once he got to the water, and realized how cold it was (gotta love that Oregon ocean!), he decided sand castles were more his thing. He had a blast digging holes, covering our feet with sand, making sand angels and collecting rocks and shells.
And, Avalee enjoyed it too! She loved the feel of the sand, and was enthralled with Z’s yellow sand bucket. She also enjoyed watching her dad and big brother playing in the sand, and watched with intensity, until she got all tuckered out.
We stayed on the beach for a couple hours; playing in the sand, watching planes fly by, kites overhead and even some people riding horses down the beach. It was a perfect afternoon!
We were all a little hungry when we left, so decided to stop at the casino for their buffet dinner on the way home. Normally, I don’t like buffets, but this one is amazing! So much food of all different varieties and the dessert area is unbelievable! After eating, we took Z to the arcade and he had so much fun playing skeet ball and air hockey with Colin. After collecting 52 tickets worth of prizes (that cost $5), we headed home.
Both kids fell asleep on the way home, and Colin and I were very happy to have had such a wonderful family day! :0)
Gas to get to coast: $17
Lunch on the way to coast: $18
Dinner on the way back from coast: $23
Watching your daughter experience sand for the first time and your son dance around on the sand? Priceless.

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