Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swimmin’ like a fishie…

We decided to enroll Z in swim lessons at the Y again. He had done swim lessons before, but they were the parent/child lessons and Colin was with him throughout the lesson. This time, it would be the pre-school aged kids.
Z had been looking forward to lessons for SO long (we asked him if he wanted to take them, just to be sure)! On the Big Day, he was so excited and practically ran to the car. We were already a bit behind schedule when we discovered the car battery was dead. After getting our wonderful neighbor to come give us a jump, we were off…albeit about 10 minutes late.
Colin dropped Z and me off so he could find a place to park. When we got in, lessons had already started, but I found out from a lifeguard where Z was supposed to be (there were several classes going on at the same time). I walked him to the edge of the pool and got the instructors attention to tell him Z was there. He told Z to sit on the edge of the pool, and I turned to walk away. I suddenly heard a huge splash and heard the two women in front of me say, “Did that boy just jump in the water?!” As I slowly turned, I was thinking… “Please don’t let it be my boy.” Of course, it was my boy and there he was sputtering out water with the instructor putting him back on the wall. I guess Z just figured swim lessons happen in the water, so he would get in the water.
The first lesson didn’t go so well, because the instructors had the kids sitting on the wall most of the time. The instructors seemed to be a bit overwhelmed, which was unfortunate for the kids. Z especially, was unhappy and bored. He kept climbing into the water and hanging off the wall in the water.
The next lesson went much better, and the kids had a lot of pool time. Z was very happy and kept telling us afterward how much fun he had.
He has now had three lessons, and is having a great time and hopefully even learning some new things. ;0)

Being good and sitting on the wall... boredom has set in and he has decided to get in by himself!

Getting a ride

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