Saturday, April 4, 2009

A (surprise) visit from Uncle!

Since Avalee was born, we’ve all been waiting for my little brother, John, to come up for a visit (from CA). Well, a couple weeks ago I got an email from him saying he wanted to come up the 1st of April. Oh, and he wanted it to be a surprise to my parents.
So, we went about planning his visit, which only myself and Colin knew about. John was flying in on the 31st, when Colin and I would pick him up. The next day, April Fool’s Day, I would take him to my parent’s house. He wanted to call my mom to tell her he couldn’t make it after all, than…April Fool’s!!
I had to leave the kids with my parents so Colin and I could go to the airport, so told them we were going to dinner in Portland as part of a mystery shop (which I’ve done before). They bought it and off we went to pick him up. When we got back into town, we dropped him off at our house then went back to pick up the kids. We were excited for Z to see Uncle again, especially since he had no idea he was coming. Unfortunately, Z fell asleep on the way back home! But, Avalee got some uninterrupted time to meet her uncle. She loved him right away (of course the feeling was mutual) and couldn’t stop smiling for him. The next morning, I told Z there was a surprise waiting for him downstairs. When he got down there, John was hiding under a blanket. The look on Z's face when he saw it was Uncle was priceless! :)
The surprise plan went perfectly the next day and my parents were very surprised! They couldn’t believe we did that to them and that they didn’t know anything.
We had a great visit, and even made it to the casino for some dinner and slots. :0)

Uncle and Avalee meeting for the first time!

Heyyy, you're pretty cool!


It's Uncle!!

Z is very happy!

At the airport, saying our goodbyes.

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