Saturday, April 18, 2009


Easter was spent at home with the kids (we made the grandparents come to us) and we had a great day.
We had baskets ready on the table for Z & A on Easter morning. Z had a blast going through his basket finding all his goodies. I scattered some jelly beans in his basket and filed a couple Easter eggs with his favorite candy, Tootsie Rolls. Normally, he doesn’t get candy, but hey, it was Easter! What I failed to consider is that my darling son would attempt to consume aforementioned candy within a matter of minutes. Colin and I tried holding him back, but it was like trying to take away a lion’s kill. Cut to an hour later, and Z was bouncing around the room and seemed to be speaking in tongue. Yeah, you can go ahead and send me that Mother-of-the-Year award now.
Avalee didn’t enjoy her basket as much as Z, for obvious reasons, but she will eventually appreciate her treasures, I’m sure. ;0)
We decided to let him channel his energy into finding the Easter eggs that Colin had hidden earlier in the morning. He had so much fun finding the eggs (some had money in them and some had more of those crazed-inducing Tootsie Rolls…oops). Later, Aunt CC his some eggs for him in the front yard. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating that day, but he still had a small window with no rain/wind. He decided that he wanted to hide eggs for Dad, so Aunt CC helped him find some great spots. Unfortunately, he was so excited that he showed Dad where most of the eggs were!
We later enjoyed our lunch of glazed ham, potato salad, sautéed green beans and homemade rolls (Mom makes the best!). YUMM!
After lunch, we just sat around and enjoyed our time together. The grandparents got in some prime Avalee holding and playing time with Z.

Warning...picture heavy!

Z dying eggs the night before Easter

Look at that concentration!

Even Avalee gets to join in the fun!

The kids' Easter baskets

Z checking out his loot

Avalee looking at her goodies

Z searching for Easter eggs inside...

...and outside too

Miss Glamorpuss Avalee!

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