Friday, April 17, 2009

It’s been a long week!

So, I know I haven’t blogged in awhile, but for good reason…
On Monday, I got a call from my dad telling me to call my mom. He wouldn’t say why, just that I needed to call. When I called, my mom said, “Oh, I told your dad not to bother you. It’s not a big deal.” Well, apparently she had been having some pain in her arm for awhile, then a headache for a few days and then sudden chest pains. She decided to take herself to the Urgent Care, which is of notice, because she never willingly goes to the doctor (gee, must be where I get it). As I was headed to meet her there, she called back. As it turns out, it was important, because after taking her stats, they decided she needed to go to the ER, by ambulance. So, I picked up Colin and had him drop me off at the ER, while he went to my parent’s house to pick up my dad. I actually beat her ambulance there, so ended up having to wait in the waiting room.

Sidebar about ER waiting rooms:

Presumably, at some point, most people will find themselves in the ER for some reason. Teachers, mailmen, grocery store clerks could all be potential ER candidates. So, why is it everyone in the ER seems like they’re on something or there to get an STD treated?? Not exactly the cream of the crop in that waiting room, ya know? And, why is it that the TV in those waiting rooms is so tiny and stuffed in the worst viewing corner. You have to contort yourself so much just to catch a glimpse of the screen, that you might actually need the ER afterward! And, could they turn the volume up, please?! It’s not like I’m overly anxious to watch Nancy Grace, or anything, but it’s highly annoying to only hear bits and pieces of a story, and between that and not being able to see the TV well, I just feel like I’m not catching enough.

So, my sister (she met me there) and I were finally allowed back to the room my mom was in. Of course, she’s trying to downplay everything, but we find out that she had high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. They decided to keep her over overnight for observation, so they can keep testing her.
The next day, the doctor gave her the green light to go home. He didn’t give her any real explanation and my mom didn’t ask (she is the worst self-advocate!). All we found out is that the tests came back negative, but that she did have an irregular heartbeat. She has appointments next week with the doctor to find out more.
In the meantime, most of this week has either been spent in the hospital or running errands for my mom. The week has gone by so quickly, I can hardly believe it’s already Friday!
This weekend, I will try to get to some of the blogs I’ve been working on, so stay tuned… :0)

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