Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Avalee's first adventure in food...

Colin was really anxious to try Avalee on food, so I reluctantly obliged (they just seem to go past that little baby stage, once they start eating).
We got the rice cereal, put on the bib and readied the camera. We expected most of the 'food' to come right back out of the little lady's mouth, as it had with Z years earlier, so were prepared.
However, Avalee sucked it right down! It was as if she had been waiting for it for some time and seemed to know just what to do. She opened her mouth wide as soon as she saw the spoon, then gobbled every bit of cereal. What a pro!
We have always had the kids at the table with us during meals, and we think she had just been watching us eat for some time. She was just waiting for her turn!
A few days later, we decided to let her try some real food, and gave her some squash and sweet potatoes. She was a little confused, at first, by the difference in tast!e, but then got right down to business. Haha! She happily snarfed down half a container of the veggies, then sat back and propped up her feet. Too cute, this one!
Now, I'm really anxious to start making her baby food, just like I did with Z. I bought a bag of frozen peas from the grocery store the other day, and can't wait to get started!

Check out the newest eater in our household...

I'm ready, guys!

C'mon already, Dad!

First bite!


Even Z got to help


Look at me, Mama!

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