Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Avalee's sixth month checkup

So, the little lady had her 6 month checkup on Wednesday; just over a week shy of her actual 6 month birthday.
I was anxious to find out her height and weight, since she's been growing out of her clothes faster than I can pull them out of the closet! Not to mention, I've been getting quite the workout just toting Miss A around in that darn carseat. I might just get those Jennifer Aniston arms I always wanted!
Well, as it turns out... She weighs 16lb 2oz and is 26 1/2" tall. She is in the 63% for weight and 84% for her height! The pediatrician joked that she might be the tallest in the family!
She also received some of her vaccines, and took them like a champ! I assumed my usual position, at her head so I can give lots of kisses and whisper in her ear. The nurse gave her the shot, and Avalee winced a little and cried for about one second! I waited for her to do the second shot, when I realized that was the second shot; she had no reaction at all to her first shot! The nurse was amazed and said in all her years, she had never had a patient like that. I guess she has my high pain threshhold. :o)

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