Saturday, June 27, 2009

Diary of Miss Avalee Apryl

So, I turned six months old earlier this month, and, I tell ya—I feel like such a big girl!
I've expanded on my rolling over skills, and now use it to mobilize myself. Mama is always so surprised to come back to the room she left me in, to see that I'm on the other side! It's great for me, because I can finally get stuff I want (like Z's toes or the power cord to the laptop).
I'm also just starting to kind of scoot now. Mom keeps telling me I could crawl if I want and frequently tells me I'm “almost there.” I think I'd much rather just walk, and try to tell Mama that by standing up every time she pulls me to a sitting position! I know as soon as I can start walking, I'll be able to run and play tag with my big brother. Yay!
And, I sit up by myself all the time now! I really love the view on my world from a sitting position; no more staring at the ceiling all day. Also, Mommy said I officially graduated to being able to sit in the cart while we're shopping. I did hear her telling Grandma that now she doesn't have to try to hoist me in my carseat into the cart. Well, whatever the reason, I'm happy! It's much more fun (and freeing!) to sit in the cart like a big girl, and see everything. Now, I'm really working on actually being able to sit up by myself!
I've also decided it's time for me to get my own phone and computer. I try borrowing Mama's all the time, but she says I'm too little still. Hmph! She also won't let me change the channel with the remote control either. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Backyardigans and Yo Gabba Gabba too, but sometimes I just want to explore my options; maybe something on the Food Network or a documentary on Discovery Channel.
And, I sill love life! It's good to be me; I have lots of family and friends who love me, endless food (thanks, Mom!) and I get to learn so many new things every day! Strangers always come up and ask Mommy if I'm always so happy (I do lots of smiling, giggling and arm waving!) and she she assures them, I am. :0)


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  1. Everybody who sees her thinks she is beautiful, which she is. I have never seen such a happy baby. Her mom was a happy baby, but not even this happy. I love you Avalee!!!


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